View Full Version : ‘Gladiator Crowe’ wants to play cricket

11-05-2007, 09:54 PM

Melbourne: Hollywood star Russell Crowe (http://search.msn.co.in/results.aspx?q=Russell+Crowe&go=Search&form=QBRE) is all set to own a team in the Indian Premier League (IPL), the Twenty20 extravaganza planned by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and backed by the International Cricket Council (ICC), an Australian newspaper has reported.

According to Sun Herald, the Academy Award winning actor cousin of former New Zealand captains Jeff and Martin Crowe and businessman Peter Holmes-a-Court, who jointly own the South Sydney Rugby League Club, are about to make this unusual business foray by buying a franchise in the IPL.

Despite several attempts by HT, BCCI officials could not be reached.

“If the football club decides this is something they want to get involved with, then the Souths name could be spread,” Holmes-a-Court was quoted as saying. Rabbitohs, as the club is better known, has already entered a global partnership with English soccer club Leeds United and the sides are scheduled to play a trial match in Florida next year.

Crowe, who won the best actor’s Oscar in 2001 for his role in Gladiator and acted in movies like A Beautiful Mind and Cinderella Man, is a sport-lover who supports Leeds and roots for the Michigan Wolverines football team.

Meanwhile, former New South Wales cricketer Neil Maxwell hailed Crowe’s move and said: “Having Australian business involvement in an IPL franchise would be tactically a good move by the IPL. Within 20 years, I see the IPL staging its own one-day games and playing in different parts of the world, whether it’s Hong Kong, Dubai or even the United States or China.”