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11-12-2003, 03:01 PM
I sensed that from that moment,
I knew you were the one,
It was just a simple coincidence,
But see what it has done.

You filled my heart with love,
And love is what I can return,
Love is all I have,
I have too much it burns.

At night when the moon comes out
And the stars start to shine
I bring my thoughts out,
And think of what is mine.

I am very lucky just to be alive
And you gave me much more,
I know you’re all I need,
That’s for sure.

When others tried to get the key to my heart
I always managed to keep them out,
And all of a sudden you came along,
And you’re what love is all about.

I never noticed you in the beginning,
But then I saw your beautiful face,
And you know how hard it is
To find an angel like you these days.

Not that there’s more girls like you,
Cause you’re one of a kind,
And no one else will ever be like you
You with your special bind.

Now since I’ve got what I needed
I don’t want anything else
Except in a few years later,
I’d want wedding bells.

thanks to tamilstate.com :yes:

cheers, :b: