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11-16-2007, 06:17 PM
How to Tap into Your Spiritual Self

The first technique is by lyanla Vanzant, author of 'Acts of faith: Meditations for People of Color', who offers these tips:

Be still. Listen to yourself. Instead of asking others for advice, seek your own counsel. Meditation can help you learn to quiet your mind.
Begin each day focusing totally on yourself. In the morning, spend at least fifteen minutes alone. Think about what you want to accomplish that day. Talk to - the mirror. Pray. Meditate.
End your day exactly as you started, focusing totally on yourself. Examine your day. Take yourself into account. Ask yourself. How could I make it better? Did I keep my promises to myself today? Celebrate your strengths, and commit yourself to strengthening your weaknesses.
Keep the commitments you make to yourself If you say you're going to do something, do it. If you're not going to do something, evaluate why and don't beat yourself up about it. Be honest with yourself. When you do this, you learn to trust yourself.
Forgive yourself and others. You may not like what someone did, but you can forgive. "Forgiveness is a major step toward spiritual growth," according to Vanzant, "but it must come from the heart." By forgiving others-and yourself-you move out of anger, shame, guilt, and fear and are free to experience love, joy, happiness, success, and peace. You don't have to physically confront someone to forgive them. Try writing a forgiveness letter. And when you're done, burn it, tear it up, or throw it away.
When you begin your spiritual path, unclutter your brain at least once a day by writing out your thoughts, feelings, and dreams. Later, you can cut down your writing to just once a week. But do it-and be consistent. By writing out your thoughts, you free your mind. And later you'll have a written record tracking your own spiritual progress.
In times of trouble, get near some water, whether it is the river, ocean, or bathtub. Cry and pour your heart out to God.
Do a new thing. Whatever you used to do, don't do it that way anymore. Cut your hair. Or grow it. Change your makeup. Walk to the office. Take a class. Make a new friend. Move. Push yourself to grow out of your rut.
Talk to the elements instead of other people. Ask for help. Try asking a tree, 'I need to be strong like you," or tell a rock, "I need my foundation strengthened." If you feel in need of spiritual assistance, go within yourself.
Learn to distinguish between the inner voice of your human self, your ego, and your spirit. The human voice will tell you about your lack and limitations. The ego is the paranoid voice telling you what others think or are saying about you. Spirit is the quiet voice that pushes you beyond your limits, to trust and have faith.
Honor your ancestors. Recognize their traditions. By honoring those who have gone before us, we keep their light alive. It isn't about mimicking the things our ancestors did years ago but about honoring the principles they gave us, such as valuing the family, hard work, and community. Doing so gives us a sense of continuity
Learn to let go of fear, worry, and anxiety
Remember that there's nothing wrong with you. Expect the best. Always.

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