11-15-2003, 08:36 PM
Why do we cry while watching movie even though we know that it's not real?

While watching a movie we know that all that is happening in front of our eyes is not real and yet we get scared at times and at times we cry as if somebody really died. Here we are treating patterns of color on a white screen as if they are people. This is because our brains have the ability to equate one thing with something, which that thing is not. But for this ability we would never be able to learn or understand anything. Imagine you don’t know English. Then the words you are reading right now would simply look like some squiggly lines. But once you learn English you no longer see them merely as black curves on white background. You see words, sentences, and meaning. Underlying all this is our brain’s ability to treat one thing as something else by forming connections between different neurons representing different things.

How and why do we dream?

Dreaming occurs during a stage of sleep called rapid eye movement sleep. Dreaming helps select some of our short-term memories for long-term storage. But for this service of dreams, we wouldn’t able to recollect our childhood events.

What makes us to recognize a familiar face in a crowd?

Our brain contains two systems which help us recognize objects in our immediate environment, namely ‘what’ and ‘where’ systems. They help us to locate and recognize objects in the real world so that we can act on them. To recognize a face of our interest, first of all it has to be represented in the ‘what’ system in the form of learned associations. These memories act as ‘templates’, which are formed during our encounter with faces in the real world. In recognizing a face our ‘what’ system matches it with the corresponding template.

How do we learn things?

Learning can be thought of associating one stimulus such as the sound ‘cup’ to another stimulus, say, the object ‘cup’. Each one of these stimuli is stored in different parts of our brain. In this example, the sound ‘cup’ is stored in auditory cortex in the form of firing of a neuron. Prior to learning, a neuron in the auditory cortex fires when we hear the word ‘cup’, and when we see a cup another neuron in visual cortex fires. When we teach a kid by saying the word ‘cup’ while pointing to the cup, connections form between the two neurons that represent ‘cup’, one in the auditory cortex and the other in visual cortex. This is analogous to connecting two water tanks with a pipeline. Once the connections are formed between visual neuron and auditory neuron, the sight of a cup activates the visual neuron, which in turn can now activate auditory neuron thus reminding us of the sound ‘cup’ every time we see a cup.

What makes man different from other animals?

Compared to other animals such as dogs or cats, we human beings have enormous language-based capabilities. Most animals work with physical stimuli, but we humans can also work with abstract information. The genesis of all sciences can be traced back to our linguistic abilities. Underlying this abstract thought processing is the functional lateralization, a distinguishing feature of human brain. Higher cognitive functions like language are lateralized into two hemispheres during the course of human evolution. Various language areas such as Broca’s and Wernicke’s area in the left hemisphere provide the neural substrate to process language information such as speech production and comprehension. Any damage to left hemisphere could hamper our ability to read, write, or understand words.

11-15-2003, 10:27 PM

This is a very useful and interesting post ... It is so amazing to see the functioning of the brain and how fast it can associate things between its different sections or parts (for eg. the 'what' and 'where' systems). Equally interesting for me is the functioning of the heart. Among other things, I am interesting in just knowing why does the heart-beat gets fater when we are nervuous? someone pls. explain. thanks :)

11-16-2003, 03:52 AM
That is very simple sarakku... when we are nervous or feeling somewhat sick the body is dumped with low oxygen content and nutrients so the heart needs to pump out the oxygen to whole parts of body sooon..... thats the first reason.it is the common reason for ur question and also when peoples watching some ADULT SECTION/MOVIES their blood pressure increases to a higher level.at this time also more oxygen is needed and the arteries and veins grows a little bit in diameter...and so the heart should pump the correct amount of blood supply very faster....
these are the reasons for fast beating rate of heart.....


01-15-2004, 06:07 AM
I beg to differ ur stmt on dreams. As we all know brain is nothing but collection of neuron. when neurons connect, we get some information. (data is stored in form of connection b/w neurons) so inorder to perform certain task, certain #of correct neurons should connect. When we sleep, some bunch of random neurons connects and gives us dreams.
thats why someone said:கனவுகல் - நிரைவெராத என்னஙல்.

01-15-2004, 06:09 AM
dreams are caused because some bunch of neurons get connected.

06-16-2004, 07:10 PM
mate just abt every thing in your brain is abt a :bunch of neurones" getting connected

could I have brain transplant please?? :pray: