View Full Version : Any revelant Info on pursuing PhD in Australia

07-14-2008, 06:35 PM
Hello All,
I am seeking advice on any information on applying for phd in Australia, (entry requirements, choosing unis, funding etc).

I have my BSc (Biochemistry) and MSc (Molecular Medical Microbiology) from UK universities, however, I didnt do my schooling there. For admission, I wasnt required to sit for English examinations - I have a GCE O'Level in English.

My original plan was to apply to US universities but since i dont want to do GRE (since I am somewhat poor in vocabulary), I am working on Plan B.

Are there any official websites to search for Phd opportunities in Australia? So will I still be required to write an English Language assessment test?

My contract with my current employer ends in Feb 2009 and I am hoping on starting on my phd some time after that. So, When will be the best time to contact the university for phd opportunities? When does the academic year start in Australia or is there no set admission period for phd? How feasible is it to obtain funding?

Any info you may provide will be beneficial to me since I am in my preliminary stages of preparation. If there any entry requirement prerequisites to be obtained by then, I can commence to work on them right away.

Btw, I am interested in oncolytic virotherapy research.

Thanks in advance.