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11-19-2003, 08:45 PM
The valley of death

Peace unlimited. Heaven on earth.
Of beauty it has no dearth.
A jarring note before the coda,
Leaves the peace shattered,
Violence seems unfettered.

Boulders roll over the slope,
Erasing the last iota of hope.
It’s not nature’s fury unleashed.
The merciless now turn shameless,
Trampling all emotions shapeless.

As mysterious marauders roam the vale,
No good news is brought by the gale.
Neighbours trade abuses.
The pure snow has been set afire,
Murky are the waters once coloured sapphire

People have cause to be xenophobic,
Prodding cops make them feel so sick.
On the other side of the catch-22,
UFOs are their perpetual tormentors,
UFO – Unidentifiable Foreign Oppressors.

Infinite wrinkles on every face,
Of happiness there is no trace,
In this land of apples, trees are long dead.
So are their human counterparts,
Though still mobile in their physical parts.

Families torn apart by creed,
And by their fellow beings’ greed,
Can only hope to meet in heaven.
If only there’s such a place,
They’d look to it for solace.

I wrote this poem with Kashmir in mind... but it could also apply to other such places in the world...