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10-10-2008, 08:53 PM
to get rid of blemishes on face:
juice half a carrot and apply the juce on face and wash out after 20 mins.

acnes and pimple
powder santhanam and mix with rose water. apply on the affected area overnight and wash out im the morning. do this for a few days and acne will be gone.

how to make your face look brighter??
juice a slice of fresh pavaka and apply on face avoiding the areas around the eyes. wash out after 30 mins. do this once a week.

for fairer skin
slightly dab milk onto the face using cotton ball. wash out after 20 mins and repeat 3 times a day. not only does it make it fairer but makes it baby soft too.

how to get rid of dandruff??
before showering, squeeze a whole lemon on to ur hair and lather the juice into ur hair thoroughly. after 30 mins, wash ur hair as usual. do this 3 days in a week untill there is no sign of dandruff.

black circles around ur eyes
cut two slices of cucumber and place it on the eyes for abt 20 mins.

beautiful and strong fingernails
soak fingers in milk for 10 mins and wash out in lukewarm water.

black and grazed knees and elbows
get lemon tht has been used, and put a few drops of castor oil inside and rub it on the area before showering. do this 3 times a week

soft silky hair
soak fresh hibiscus flowers in water over night and before showering, apply tht water on ur hair. soak it in ur hair for 1 hr and wash out thoroughly.

mix a tbls of yoghurt and aloevera gel and apply onto ur hair and soak for 30 mins and wash out very thoroughly.

shinny hair
after washing ur hair, jus rinse it under plain COLD water and it will leave ur hair shinny and dazzling.

seperate the white from yolk of one egg and apply only the white onto ur hair and soak for 30 mins before showering. RINSE THOROUGHLY !!!
or else it will smell...lol