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05-12-2009, 07:14 PM
So Gentlemen,

I am starting the most controversial topic; this is also to increase everbody's awareness about srilankan tamils for the present tight situation; We can analyse this from different pespective.
1. From Srilankan Tamil Point of View
2. From Srilankan Government Point of View
3. From LTTE Point of View
4. From Indian Government Point of View
5. From Indian Tamil Point of View
6. From Other Countries Point of View

Who is responsible for the present situation?
What might be the Srilankan Tamil condition if there is no LTTE?
Is LTTE's real motto to get a seperate country for Tamil or not?

And many more questions????????Let us start the debate.....
Note: The views should be biased

05-24-2009, 08:58 PM
Here it goes:

1. The origins of the problem lie
a) with british colonialists, who supported ethnic divisions
b) singhalese buddhist nationalists, who based on their local mythology believe that the whole island should be 1 country (singhalese buddhist dominated).

Ancient history.
1. inhabitants veddah - from south india
2. came singhalese from north india, speaking an indo-aryan language, descendant from sanskrit. they LATER simultaneously all convert to buddhism from hinduism.
3. tamil kingdoms in the north

Colonial History:
The north of the island belongs to sri lanka because of a separate colonial government, otherwise for MOST OF HISTORY the srilankan tamils have a closer link with indian tamils, that with singhalese buddhists.

The reason for the creation of LTTE:

Because the singhalese buddhists did not allow any autonomy for tamils (such as tamils have in india), there was no legitimate armed forces to fight against the oppressive government. So from a gang-like unit LTTE became powerful, but it was only logical due to the extreme political situation, where tamils were pushed further down, when buddhism became a de-facto state religion (unlike in india, where religions are equal) and singhalese language the official language of the armed forces.

While LTTE has proved to be a ruthless organization, the main fault for the conflict lies with buddhist supremacists, who are currently the dominant political power in the government. The same government charged with numerous charges of genocide, removal of human rights, assassinations of journalists (No.3 of all world countries for journalist killings, most of them commited by the genocidal government) etc...

Even though the north of the island was always tamil, the buddhists follow Mahavamsa, a local mythology, which describes among other, buddha's visiting different places in sri lanka, some of which are in the north.
The supremacists believe Sri Lanka has a unique duty to protect the "only true form of buddhism in the world", as they say and to do so, they believe the whole island should be a buddhist singhalese state.

But living in one of the most intolerant and cruel regimes in the world may not appeal to srilankan tamils. Now their life is sentenced to be one of a second-class citizen and noone did anything to prevent it. Not the UN, not India, not EU, not NATO, noone... :confused: