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12-30-2009, 03:09 AM
How to select the good video converter (http://www.topvideoconverter.com/video-converter/choose-the-best-video-converter.html)?
First, you need to know what video or music format you have and what format you want to convert to. For example, if you want to put video on your iPod, you need to convert the music to MP4. If you received DVD created on Mac, you probably want to search for something that can convert MOV to other windows media support, like WMV.
top video converter (http://www.topvideoconverter.com/) software should convert common formats like WMV, AVI, MP4 and MOV to similarly common formats. The great video converter is defaulted to the most common settings, but powerful enough to customize. The interface should be intuitive and user-friendly.
Basically, I use the following 5 criteria to evaluate video converter software.
Input Files - Top video converter has maximum compatibility and could convert a lot of input files. The more music formats the video converter can convert, the more powerful the video converter is.
Output Files - some formats is enough for most users, but the top-notch video converter software will still provide a broad selection of outputs formats.
Features - The top video converter software contains the ability to adjust multiple advanced options including video size, codecs, bitrates and framerates. Most features are only for advanced users, but they need be readily available and easy to find.
Ease of Use - Top video converter should be user-friendly and intuitive. Tool bars, buttons and menus should be clear and self explanatory.
Help and Support - All top video converters are easy-to-use, and manufactures should include a detailed in-program guide, a FAQ online and an email contact.
There are several video converter software are recommended here, like aimersoft video converter (http://www.topvideoconverter.com/video-converter/aimersoft-video-converter.html), imtoo mpeg encoder (http://www.topvideoconverter.com/video-converter/imtoo-mpeg-encoder.html) andwondershare video converter (http://www.topvideoconverter.com/video-converter/wondershare-video-converter.html).