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The Taste Divine: Indian Vegetarian Cooking the Natural Way
Publisher: State University of New York Press | CHM | 132 pages | 10,8 mb

Why God in a Cookbook? We believe that there is a power inside the living body that is ever-actively safeguarding our life and health. Left to itself this power can and will cure disease, providing there is no meddling into the process by man. The purpose of food is to assist man in his evolution physically, mentally, spiritually and to help bring about a higher state of awareness. The same divine power that exists in man also supports and pulsates throughout the entire creation. We believe in that divine power and in the unity of all life.

The Special Ingredient. When food is cooked with love for the Lord and served with love to His creatures, a mundane task is transformed into an evolutionary activity. Love for God overflows into love for man. There is no doubt that those who eat such food will feel the loving vibrations and benefit from them. As Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita, "Whosoever offer to me with love a flower, a leaf, a fruit, or even some water, these I will readily accept, and bless the donor of the gift." (Chapter 9, verse 26). Again He says that there is no act so menial or petty that it cannot become an offering to God.

Every act becomes charged with divinity providing it is done with love, as an offering to the divine. In the Uddhava Gita, the Lord says that all actions can be classified as sattvic, rajasic, or tamasic, but those actions that are offered to Him with love go beyond these categorizations. They are on a plane all by themselves and are known only by the bhaktas, or lovers of God.

Even though we may know the best type of food to eat, the right ingredients are not always available. Moreover, for those living in cities it may often be impossible to get fresh, pure, organically grown vegetables. What should one do? In these instances, we have to content ourselves with second best. However, there is a magic mantra that can transform even rajasic or tamasic food into ambrosia or amrit that is the power of the Lord's name. If the food is offered to God with love before eating, then it becomes prasad and it cannot harm us.

This book contains the actual receipes which has been classified as

1. Sadhana Juices & Shakes
2. Gokul Herbal Teas
3. Balakrishna Milk, butter, cream
4. Damodaran Salads
5. Manamohan Salad Dressings and Sauces
6. Shyamasundara Soups
7. Krishna Chutney and Pickles
8. Muralidhar Bread
9. Chaitanya Chapatis
10. Naryana Rice Dishes
11. Nandakumar Curries
12. Vishveswara Woked Vegetables
13. Poornamanda Sweets and Deserts
14. Vanamali Special Dishes

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