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06-12-2003, 03:45 PM
Cast: Arjun, Kiran, Gayathri Raguram
Music: A.R.Rahman

After a long time, a film bearing Arjun's signature style, hits the screens again.

A terrorist organization has infiltrated into India and is tagetting young educated men who haven't been able to find a job that suited their qualifications. They brainwash these young men and make them do antisocial works. Police Officer Arjun has to destroy the gang and save the country and has to rehabilitate the young men.

Mansur Ali Khan is a minister who was kidnapped by the terrorist organization when Arjun goes to rescue him, he manages to beat the daylights out of the corrupt minister and send him to the hospital. This happens in the very first scenes. Somehow, the audience starts getting interested.

The film then takes off at Jet speed with the terrorists trying to recruit and brainwash the young men and Arjun trying to rescue them.

Abbas has done a fabulous job as a young man who gets misled by the terrorists he then spied on Arjun by winning his affection. He then has a change of heart and comes clean.

As if Kiran alone wasn't enough to run the glamour department, the film also has Gayathri Raghuram. They don't have much scope for acting but they have neatly executed their glamour show.

Koundamani is for the comedy scenes. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

The film has some blazing hot stunt scenes thanks to 'Kanal' Kannan and 'Powerfast' Karuppu. It's pretty exciting to see Arjun hanging upside down and demolish the terrorists.

KC Thagam and Shankar Dayal have done a good job with their dialogues. Their lines are rude awakening for corrupt politicians and the society that ill-treats unemployed youth. AR Rehman has composed the film's music you wouldn't have noticed had we not told you so. His style is not seen here. Arjun, who has done the story, screenplay and direction, probably has another 'Mudhalvan' in his hands.

The sharp climax
Excellent cinematography
Excellent cinematography
Edge of the seats stunts


The customary song and dance sequences
An unnecessary Gayathri Raghuram

06-12-2003, 09:49 PM
Hi all,

This is MY review of the movie Parasuram. Just watched it 2 days back thanks to www.geetham.net.

As is the case with most Arjun films lately, here too, he plays a very upright and honest cop who can go to any extent to save his motherland.

The story goes like this. Parasuram (obviously Arjun) is a strict ACP who always roams around with a big-bellyed inspector (Goundamani). Reports start to gather around the district about several youths going missing all of a sudden. The inside story for all this is that there is a Pak agent in the country who uses an alian AKASH aand is out to get the young bloods of TamilNadu (As though other places are void of any youths at all !!). This is revealed to the TN Police Department in a video sent by the Border Security Force wherein a tamil youth escapes from Pak and somehow manages to reach the Indian border and informs them about Akash. Now it is up to Arjun to track Akash down and save Tamil Nadu.

Though the story itself is not very novel, it is not a run-of-the-mill story too. Wish I could say the same about some of the scenes in the movie. The editor (Saisuresh) probably used very sharp knives since he cuts through shots and ends up showing us 2 consecutive scenes which have no flow in-between on more than one occasion. Arjun tries to give his long-time friend Goundamani another life at the box office but Goundamani's scenes fall flat on the face. The maximum extent I went to was to allow a small smirk on my face - even that was forced I think. The song and dance routine seem forced as do the characters of both the heroines (Kiran and Gayathri Raghuram). They pop up at all unwanted places and play no part in taking the story any further.

The people working behind the camera have done pretty well with just one exception - the genius AR Rahman. To say he lets listeners down is an understatement. There is no song in the film that is hummable. the choreography is good and the cinematography is good in some scenes (like the one when Arjun is tied upside-down and still manages to beat the rest up) while it is no great shakes in the rest. The stunts are good and you will like it if you are an Arjun fan. Arjun as a director does live up to expectations (I assume you expect a film full of patriotism) but could have done a bit more homework. For example, in the last scene, he masquerades as Akash and goes to court and says that he did all this only for money. He could very well have expected to be shot after this since he is a smart cop (as is projected in the film, that is)and worn a bullet-proof jacket !!

Now, the performances. Goundamani is horrible to say the least. His over-the-top acting might not find takers any more not because Vivek's subtle style is the talk of the town, but because there is no humor in the dialogues or situations. The heroines - the lesser said the better. Gayathri Raghuram is an absolute waste in the movie and needs to work more on her acting skills. Kiran is her usual oomphie self. Abbas is tolerable. Hindi actor Rahul Dev makes an impressive debut in Tamil. He looks and acts his part well. He is one actor to look forward to if at all he acts more in Tamil. It is Arjun though who carries the film firmly on his shoulders. His is a very restrained yet packed-with-a-punch performance.

Overall, action film lovers might like this movie. But it will still leave a lot to be desired.

06-16-2003, 02:11 PM
Arjun should think of doing something differnent