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05-09-2003, 01:56 AM
Casts: Nandha (hero), Rekha(heroine), Kaveri, Vadivelu, Charlie, Manivannan, R.Sunderajan, Anu Mohan
Genre: Romance
Runtime: 3 hours
Director: Sabha Kailash
Music Director: Yuvan Shankar Raja

It is the trend of casting new faces in films. It seems like a sensible decision to follow as the success of a film depends upon the story, screenplay and direction of the film. So instead of casting huge stars who demand larger than life amount as salaries producers are now moving and putting their money on lesser or unknown faces. It is not only the new production banners or comparatively smaller low budget producers following this trend but the more popular production banners are also following this sensible and cost-effective step.

'Kalaipuli' S Dhanu who has produced block buster films like 'Koolikaran', Nallavan', 'V.I.P', Kizhaku Seemailyeley' and Kamal's 'Alavandaan' is now producing the film 'Punnagi Poove' for the banner 'V' creations. It is yet another soft love story hinged around the love of youngsters and their first crush. Nandha and Rekha make their debut in this movie as the hero and the heroine. Suresh Devan who is a film institute student is in charge of cinematography. Yuvan Shankar Raja scores the music for the film while Arivumathy, Pa.Vijay and Kabilan pen the lyrics for the movie. Sabha Kailash who has directed the film has already films like 'V.I.P', 'Bharathan' and 'Sundara Purushan'.

'Kalaipuli' S Dhanu who is known for his lavish expenditure when it comes to technology and outdoor shooting has shot the song sequences in foreign countries.

Rehka and Kaveri are cool buddies right from their childhood and they stay in the same apartment. Kaveri is a docile girl whereas her friend Rekha just takes life as it comes. To the opposite of their apartments comes Nandha, for whom Rekha falls for and is reluctant to admit. She keeps on calling him through phone and makes him to guess. Kaveri is unaware of this. But Nandha misunderstands the person calling, to be Kaveri. Things get reverted, when Rekha stays out of the aparment in her hometown, Nandha falls for Kaveri and both commit each other. When Rekha is back, Kaveri becomes aware of Rekha’s feeling for Nandha and tries to over come her. She keeps track of Rekha, so that they may not meet each other. In the mean time, Rekha ends up in an accident. Seeing the friend in her last stage Kaveri opens the truth and begs pardon. Rekha unites Nandha and Kaveri and leaves the world living in everyone’s heart. Sarika Kamal Haasan has made a come back after 18 years for a dance number. Yuvan Shankar Raja stands out in one song ‘En Kadhal…’ Nandha after his debut in ‘Mounam Pesiyathey’ shows a lot of maturity in the role and the two girls too has done well. On the whole ‘Punnagai Poove’ deserves a smile for being a good entertainer.

09-11-2003, 12:04 AM
3 hrs waste :( :( :( .. better to see some old good movies than this kinda stuff :fight: :fight: :fight:

09-11-2003, 08:21 PM
The climax is too boring.................