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12-07-2003, 10:36 AM
Hi friends

I want to install Linux in my system. i have some doubts can u clear it for me?

1.My system is "notebook"(NOT PC) is it adviciable to install linux and windows in same meachine?

Anyone tried in notebook so far?

I heard that sometimes HD will crash is it true?

2.Already i have windows XP in my note book.i want to install linux on the same system
in that case i have only 30 GB.Any way i want to upgrade 60GB.

a)After upgarding my HD to 60 GB shall i install Linux in 20GB and Remaining for Windows?

b)Or shall i use removable (usp2) 20 or 30 GB hard disk to install linux?

which one is advicible?

3.After installation i want to install the MODELFREE software that is important to do some calculation for my project


my notebook is 1.6GHZ and 256MBDDR RAM is it fast enough to do the calculation?

4.I have RED HAT with licence is their any special precautions i should take before installation?

5.And one more doubt howfast IRXI-6.2 version of SGI(indy) comparred to my Note book?

please help me to clear my doubts
Thanks in Advance


12-08-2003, 09:29 AM
Hard disk will crash for older windows machines , having less memory ..

For your case no problem..

Anyhow While installing linux just install just basic things (Like kernal and etc) and see the response. Then add each and every package need basis.

I am very sure installing linux will not create any trouble.
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Do hard disk installation. You shpould have linux recognisable file formats like FAT32 in some part of your hard disk. And put your linux installation files there. Have fresh booting , installation disk. Give some gap before pressing "NEXT" in each and every step of the installation.


12-08-2003, 09:30 AM
Read installation manual completely and have all details about your computer in hand before installing. While installing if you do some wrong settings..then it will create lot of troubles.
Don't stop installation in the middle. Have good UPS connected with your computer before installation. Have some friends who already installed linux with you while installing.


12-08-2003, 04:52 PM
Dear Armugam Annachi

Thanks for ur reply.i will do it as per ur suggestion.And onemore thing

when i faced the IE problem u suggested me to remove the LAVASOFT program.
i hope after i removed that one, i did not face the IE problem frequently but occasionly.

During installation i face any problem let u know

Thank u for ur suggestion

with love

12-09-2003, 01:44 AM
Yes.. U can install linux on Notebook's !!!

The speed wud depend on the ur notebook config... But as far as reliability is concerned, Linux is by far the best bet !!!

Since U plan to do a upgrade to a 60 GB HDD, U can dual boot the system, with the required sizes... the required size wud depend on ur usage pattern !!

Check up the following URL ...... They have a hundreds or may be even thousands of user entered info on how to get up Linux on laptops... and as U can see from the home page, U can chose ur brand of laptop and browse accordingly and also U can choose the info regarding the version of RH u will install...


But since U said U got RHL with a license key, I guess U wud have a manual shipped to u.. So Just read the manual.... Linux installation manuals is one of the most comprehensive manuals I have come across.... with clear and easy to understand instructions and figures...

Linux installation, once started, and if the minimum system requirements are satisfied, works like a charm !!

All that U need to care about is the size of the partition, AND I WOULD RECOMMEND YOU TO USE


AS THE LINUX PARTITION..... That is a extended 2 file system and has speed and performance ..... If U want Journaling, then just do an


But ext2 wud be recommended for Linux...

But since U said U want both Linux and Windows, U got to be careful about the partitions and boot loaders..

01-16-2004, 03:30 AM
I suppose this is a bit late, but this might be helpful for those who intend to install linux/windows together after this....

Consider Suse distro. It has an excellent software configuration system - yast2 which lets you install rpm packages, allows you tp update any tool/kernel from ftp sites etc.

Also, I just installed it a month ago and must say that i am pretty satisfied with it. And I installed it alongside XP home. The Suse installer automatically recognizes WIndows and installs the boot loader - grub 2- which allows you to choose OS on startup.

Important note about partitioning: If you are installing Suse alongside windows, or any other distro for that matter, it is safest to create a separate primary partition on the empty space you have on the drive. Then when you install a new distro, the installer will ask you which partition to install linux on, then you can specify the partition you created. I used partition magic, which i think is the most popular partitioning tool for windows.

01-16-2004, 03:33 AM
Though i must say that one of the major problem that is holding me back from giving up windows is rendering of tamil fonts of tamil websites...

Is anybody able to get tamil fonts rendered properly for sites like Kumudam.com, Vikatan.com?

Even tamil text from Thisaigal.com, which is done using Unicode is difficult to render using Firebird or Konqueror....