View Full Version : Home made Ice Cream

12-10-2003, 06:13 PM
[shadow=red:720784f1c6]Home Made ice-cream[/shadow:720784f1c6]Ingredients:
strawberries - 1 cup
cherries - 1 cup
banannas - 1 cup
kiwis - 1 cup
milk - 3 cups
sugar - 1/2 cup

Take all the fruits and mix them well. They must be totally mushed. Then add milk and sugar and mix them well again. It should taste like a smoothie. Take an ice cube tray and pour the smoothie and freeze it for atleast 4 good hours. Take the ice-cube tray out after it's frozen. take two cubes and put it on the plate. put some wipped cream on top and chocolate syrup. There is your home made ice-cream!!!!!