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12-11-2003, 04:52 AM
Sridhar (Tharun) and Preethi (Trisha) meet each other in the train while they travel from Bombay to Chennai. Both are attracted towards each other yet they do not express themselves to avoid disappointments. Towards the end of the journey, as they realize that they have to part, they decide to talk to each other. Unfortunately Preethi’s brother (Riyaz Khan), who is police officer, takes her away home. Preethi and Sridhar begin to miss each other soon after and they try all the ways possible to find each other. At one point of their search they meet in a crowded Cricket stadium and as they turn to face the other, there is bomb blast in the stadium. Though they survive the blast with severe injuries, fate separates them again in a new twist where both are forced to different destinations. How they meet again forms the crispy climax of the story.

Tharun as the soft-spoken lover boy looks smart and does the role with utmost ease. Trisha in minis and midis is very attractive and tries to act too in this film. Shriya as the football coach is just average. Vivek’s comedy is a major asset to the film. Archana Pooram Singh as beauty conscious mother of Trisha is irritating. Reema Sen makes a guest appearance. In most of the places the censors scissors seem to have done its job, resulting in incomplete dialogues. Debut director Jothi Krishna, son of producer A.M.Ratnam excels in takings and visual presentation. He has adopted Shankar’s methods in terms of rich production values and grandeur. He has tried to infuse family sentiments with Tharun’ mother and sister which fails to create any impact. A.R.Rahman’s music is catchy and melodious and is a plus point to the film. Camera work by R.Ganesh is worth mention especially in the song shot at Venice and Rome. A film aimed at teens.


Cast Tharun, Trisha, Shriya, Vivek, Archana Pooram Singh, Riyaz Khan etc.
Producer/Banner Sri Surya Movies
Story-screenplay-dialogues-direction Jothi Krishna
Music A.R.Rahman
Camera Ganesh

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