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Hardeep Singh Kohli - Indian Takeaway EPUB - ENGLISH

One Man's Attempt to Cook His Way Home Cano ngate Books Ltd | 2008 | English | ISBN-10: 1847670903 | EPUB | 256 pages | 1.4 MB

Hardeep Singh Kohli loves many things in life - but none more than food. He loves to eat it, he loves to cook it. So when he decided to travel round India, searching for his roots, what seemed the obvious thing to take with him? Not a "Lonely Planet". Not a BBC camera team. Shepherds pie and Yorkshire pudding. But of course! "Indian Takeaway" is the hilarious story of Hardeep's attempts to cook his way round India, dishing up very British meals for the people he meets. How will Goan fishermen, Bollywood film crews and Bangalore call centres cope with treacle pudding and ****-a-leekie soup? Will they survive to tell the tale? Will Hardeep find the India he is searching for through his recipe book?

And will he find himself along the way? Hilarious, strange and true, "Indian Takeaway" is a book for everyone who loves to cook, or longs to travel, or for anyone who wants to spend a few hours in the company of one singularly warm-hearted and entertaining man.



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