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Shridhar Bhatt
07-26-2011, 01:41 AM
Debra Mayhew and Anna Koska, - The Soup Bible

Hermes House | 1999 | ISBN: 1840383976 | 256 pages | PDF | 53,9 MB


Soup is a food that can be infinitely varied in order to perfectly suit any season, taste, or diet: imagine, for example, the lingering aroma of a hot, delicious soup on a frosty winter's evening, or the zesty, refreshing taste of traditional homemade Gazpacho on a sweltering summer afternoon.

The Soup Bible is a stunningly beautiful collection of over 200 recipes for the tastiest soups from across the globe, and each is carefully selected to provide readers with a wide overall range of soups to both perfect and improvise upon. This volume features soups of every imaginable texture and consistency, including light, refreshing soups, rich and creamy soups, hearty soups, warming broths, meal-in-one soups, vegetarian soups, all-time favorite soups, and special occasion soups.

The recipes featured include Miami Chilled Avocado Soup, Indian Beef and Berry Soup, Saffron Mussel Soup, Shrimp Bisque, Green Lentil Soup, Cold Cucumber Soup with Walnuts, Roasted Tomato and Pasta Soup, Curried Carrot and Apple Soup, and Salmon Chowder. The Soup Bible features an informative introduction that focuses on the history of soup and soup-making, essential ingredients, tools and utensils needed, and how to create the underlying stock for each type of soup.

This gorgeous book also includes recipes that are low in fat, fat-free, low in cholesterol, high in fiber, dairy-free, vegetarian, diabetic-friendly, and gluten-free. The Soup Bible is thus guaranteed to please a wide range of tastes and health requirements from all climates and cultures, and will enable each reader to create and customize a plethora of delicious homemade soups.