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02-01-2012, 10:28 PM
This book is published by DK publishing - very reputed firm for publishing picture based subjects. Each DK book is guaranteed to capture a child interest while developing his or her reading skills, general knowledge, and love of reading.Each book in the DK Readers series is specially crafted to suit the interests and learning stages of beginning readers.

Telling Time is an engrossing history of timekeeping, from obelisks and sundials to the atomic clocks of today. This book mentions about history of clocks. Also long ago, people told time using the sun or water - follow a historical timeline and find out how clocks have changed and become more accurate. Beautiful illustrations and superb full-color photographs combine with engaging, easy-to-read stories offers a fresh approach to this book. The pictures and information can be used for class assignments and seminars.

Age Level: From 6 onwards.



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