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06-17-2003, 04:11 PM
Cast: Madhavan, Geethu Mohandas
Director: Mouli

Kamal's screenplays haven't been appreciated by his fans in recent times. He had written the screenplay of 'Nala Damayanthi' too.

In the fist half of the film, they have patiently shown Madhavan's struggle to pay the remaining part of his sister's dowry, his leaving to Australia to cook for a Chettiar, the Chettiar's sudden death and Madhavan's helplessness. Madhavan loses his passport and Visa too amidst the confusions.

Most of the scenes are not interesting. And, visa and passport troubles are something that our audience is not familiar with. The heroine is seen only in two scenes before the intermission.

If you had gone to the theatres expecting the magic of Mouli, then, you would have had a rude shock.

Anu Hasan and Shriman give shelter to Madhavan. They also give him a job as a cook in their restaurant. Since he doesn't have a work permit, he is forced to get married to an Australian citizen, Geethu Mohandas, who is already ion love with another man.

The Immigration Official suspects something fishy and keeps making regular checks on them. In front of him, the couple pretends to be real husband and wife. They kiss when he is around. They call each other by pet names. Even women would laugh at the 36-size joke.

Madhavan has done a fairly good job as the eighth standard dropout cook from Palakkad. He has the natural fear and nervousness of a cook. In the climax he pours his feelings out to Mouli. His unfamiliarity with English gives opportunity for plenty of laughs.

Only the viewers have to decide if Geethu Mohandas is a great find. She doesn't look attractive. Neither does she look good. Is this how a commercial film heroine should look like? Shruthika is in the film too, but nobody knows why.

TP Madhavan is Geetu's lover. Initially, he helps Madhavan and also gives him the idea. Its ridiculous to see him suddenly tonsures his head and becomes a villain and teaming up with the local officials and Madhavan's local enemies to make his life miserable.

Madhavan's sister's sufferings and the mentally retarded child's low interaction with Madhavan and the way he slowly picks up words from him are very touching.

Ramesh Vinayagam gave some wonderful songs in 'University'. But, he hasn't done anything spectacular in this film. None of the songs makes any impact.

The camera had traveled all over Australia. Had they chopped away some unnecessary scenes in the editing, it would have helped the film's pace.

Maybe a few would have been impressed when Kamal and his crew turns up in the climax of the film, dressed like 'Sandiar'. Thanks to Mouli's involvement some dialogues and scenes are very enjoyable. Geethu's decision in the film's climax is heart warming. They had shown clearly how more than education and status, its things like good behavior and affection that a woman always falls for.

Otherwise, the film would have been more interesting if Kamal had worked on the script and screenplay.

The sharp climax
Madhavan's offbeat performance
Some very enjoyable scenes

Geethu Mohandas

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06-19-2003, 08:01 PM
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09-19-2003, 03:10 AM
That was a good entertainer :b: :b: nice to see Madhavan atlast in a god comedy he did his part welll wnough..and the movie is also good.

09-19-2003, 02:20 PM
Madhavan has done a good job.............. the heroine of the movie - geetu mohandas looked like a next-door gal........... nothing special to mention abt her.............. Shruitika is completely wasted and was limited to a song and some scenes................ Overall, the movie is OK....................