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Shridhar Bhatt
03-25-2012, 03:03 AM
Eating for Enlightment

This contains appx 27 various receipes
Eating well is one of our basic needs, along with breathing air, drinking water, and enjoying human companionship. In fact, according to the Ayurveda, India’s ancient science of well being, eating is best accomplished along with these other three: filling the lower portion of the stomach with water before eating, leaving space at the top for air to circulate (not eating until the stomach is full), and enjoying light conversation with friends while dining. Eating nourishes the body. Different foods affect the mind in different ways, calming or invigorating it, and when the food is properly prepared and of the right quality of consciousness it also nourishes the soul. The science of Bhakti-yoga is a devotional practice. Nothing tastes as good as a “home-cooked meal”, and that’s because of the consciousness, and above all else the love that goes into it. Cooking as an act of devotion purifies the mind of both the cook and the persons who partake of the meal. By offering the food before it is consumed we show our gratitude to the creator and giver of foodstuffs. Blessed food feeds the soul, along with the body and the mind.



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