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Shridhar Bhatt
12-16-2012, 03:28 AM
First Meals Food Diary
Pages: 192 | 2008-08-18 | ISBN 0756639786 | PDF | 6 MB

Bestselling author Annabel Karmel offers a program for feeding babies and toddlers that takes parents from breast- and bottle-feeding newborns, through to family meals that two-year olds will enjoy. With tip boxes, fill-in sections, and essential nutritional information throughout, this book provides expert advice on everything parents need to know about feeding their children. Annabel also offers 80 delicious new recipes for purées and finger foods, meals for fussy eaters and the whole family. Also included are meal planners for each age group, providing suggestions for planning and combining meals for a week.




12-21-2012, 04:31 AM
Thank you sir

08-10-2019, 11:30 AM
Thanks all for these yummy posts and good ideas for camp meals. I am always looking for easy to make meal ideas. I would always challenge Teardroppers to leave home without all the prepped food. Get what you need at a local food source and then cook your meal. And then post