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12-15-2013, 03:30 PM
Microsoft Dynamics functional consultants Opening @ chennai


This role is based on chennai.

Role Responsibilities

· Coordinate with process owners throughout the organization to ensure a comprehensive set of requirements, business objectives, gaining full understanding of current and future processes.
· Provides in-depth knowledge of the Microsoft Dynamics application and evaluates the internal customer’s processes against the standard Microsoft Dynamics functionality.
· understands the key activities and deliverable for the internal projects.
· Is responsible for documenting the requirements which express what actions a solution must take and what outcome is expected.
· Is responsible for configuring and customizing the Microsoft Dynamics AX application to achieve the process requirements.
· Facilitates the functional design document that will drive the development process (if modifications/customizations are required, either to processes or to the Microsoft Dynamics application.)
· Is responsible for conducting acceptance testing and training resources to successfully use and maintain the Microsoft Dynamics application.
· Has industry experience and understands challenges and risks when implementing vertical applications and localizations
· Maintaining targeted utilization.

- Coordinate Other regular activities related to Dynamics in implementation.

Interested may send resume to

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