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01-15-2004, 07:34 PM

Is there a review for Virumandi?

I think the movie got released yesterday in India. If someone has come across a good review, kindly post. I am eagerly waiting to read about it.


01-15-2004, 07:51 PM
I have seen only the audio cassette reviews. if i find the movie review... will let u know..

something which i came across..


Virumaandi (Kamalhaasan): Born to Puliyaerupadiyan and Avudaiyammal in Chinnakkolarpatti, Theni District. Grew up as a vagabond, the only son of doting parents, Virumaandi was shipped off to Singapore at the age of 14 by his father, in the fond hope that he would make something of himself. However, true to character, in an effort to protect his friend, Virumaandi takes the blame for a crime he had not committed, undergoes the administered punishment of whiplashes and promptly lands back on native soil. However, completely unaffected by these events, Virumandi proceeds to throw himself into the thick of things in his village. Leader of a band of similarly aimless and jobless young men called "The Kubeer Jolly Brothers", death-defying antics on a regular basis become his hallmark. The only emotional anchor in his life is his old paternal grand mother, Supputhai. He is the apple of her eye.

Annalachumi (Abhirami): Daughter of late Ochhathevar, brought up on the mercy and protection of her uncle Kotthalathevar, she carries a significant dowry in her name. Most literate among her peers, the sound of a moped anywhere in Chinnakkolarpatti signals her arrival. A bold and decisive woman, she has raised the undefeated "Jalli Kattu Kaalai" Sorimuthu. Virumaandi arrives from Singapore and thus her story changes.

Kotthalathevar (Pasupathy): Son of (late) Thavasithevar. He is the most influential man in Chinnakkolarpatti. Does not bat an eyelid to take revenge at the slightest provocation. Always has an eye on Virumaandi's land, mainly because there is plenty of water in it. Always surrounded by an army of 15 thugs he is feared more than being respected by the villagers.

Nallamanaicker (Napoleon): De facto head of Nallamanaickanur village, of zamindari lineage, he is well respected by the villagers and his friends. His father and forefathers had established a tradition of honesty and nobility. Nallamanaicker and Kotthalathevar have a long-standing feud between them. Reason: Nallamanaicker has served a four-year jail imprisonment for the murder of Thavasithevar, father of Kotthalathevar.

Peykkaman (Shanmugharajan): Inspector at Nallamanaickanur police station. Class mate of Kotthalan. Started as ordinary inspector, entered the IPS after wading through the Govt exams. Motivation was the overdose of regular bloodshed between the two villages. Fed up of handling these nuisance issues, he qualified for the IPS in order to work his way up and out of the area. But the story spoken in official circ1esabout how he qualified for the IPS is a completely different one.

Angela Kathamuthu (Rohini): Earned Ph.D in Human Rights. A strident opponent of capital punishment she has been working with Human Rights Organization, not as a social worker but as a member of society doing her duty.


01-15-2004, 09:02 PM
thanks madhu aish for posting this, very informative.
looking forward for some of the reviews

01-16-2004, 03:23 PM
Here is the review I found on Sify.

Kamal's Virumandi Highly Recommended (http://sify.com/movies/tamil/review.php?id=13361725&ctid=5&cid=2429)

Can,t wait to watch the movie.


P.S I have edited the Subject. Thanks Madhu..