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07-14-2003, 12:02 PM
Film: Kaadhal Kondaen
Starring: Dhanush, Soniya, Sudeep

After 'Thulluvatho Ilamai', this is the most expected film. In this film too, Dhanush plays the role of a young man who is obsessed with love when he should be studying. He goes a step ahead and plays an almost psycho.

From an orphanage, Dhanush goes to an engineering college. He is a brilliant student. He sees love and sex in its most vulgar form al around him. He tries to go back to his orphanage. But, the heroine Sonia makes friends with him and gets rid of his low self-esteem and makes him excel in the college.

Dhanush mistakes her interest in him for love. Just when he is about to tell her of his love, she begins to fall in love with Sudeep, another student.

The love affair runs into trouble and the lovers plan to elope. Dhanush uses this opportunity to kidnap Sonia.

Only when the police catch him in the end are we told that he is a psycho who had been traumatized by the events of his childhood.

In the climax, a confrontation erupts between Dhanush, Sonia and her lover. Dhanush dies in the end and the lovers unite.

The film opens with a promising story but, in the second half of the film, it beings to falter. When you thought that the hero is going to achieve something big, you are told that he is a psycho who had killed two people already and dies in vain for a one-sided love.

Dhanush has grown as an actor. His low self esteem and his struggles to tell his love, the way he kidnaps the heroine and the way he fools both the heroine and the police- Dhanush has given a good performance.

Heroine Sonia is properly dressed in the first half but takes the audience on a glamour tour in the second. She shines in the scene in which she cries because she can't decide whom to choose- her lover or her friend.

Sudeep, the second hero is a god choice. He performs well when he tries to rescue his girlfriend from Dhanush.

All the songs of Yuvan Shankar Raja are excellent. Arvind Krishna's cinematography is cool on the eyes.

It requires lot of nerve to make a thriller like this with a lean hero like Dhanush. You need to appreciate the director Selvaraghavan (Dhanush's brother) for this alone.

Dhanush kidnapping Sonia and getting caught by Sudeep. He tries to kill Sudeep while pretending to dance.

The occasional 'Nanda', 'Gunaa' influences

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08-25-2003, 06:57 PM
This movie is good. The story is something different from other movies.

08-25-2003, 10:54 PM
documentary / art / educational / ????
wondering what to classify this movie as.

I started watching this movie.. wasnt sure whats it going to be like.
I was starting to like it. The orphanage boy struggles to find his place in the cosmo-society. He was subjected to many disturbances as he was growing but he has inherent virtues like intelligence and hard work.

I was really moved by the appearence of the female character as a strong force till to my total disappointment she turned out to only portray a sexual figure to this boy. Grrrrrrr.. his ways of expressiong passionate love by killing people around seems so way off. I was totally off by the 2nd part of the movie.

A proper movie that creatively and yet truly handle topics like sex, women, sexual assualt is so wanted. I cant wait to see a movie that truly captures the emotions and yet not making it obnoxious like this movie.

08-27-2003, 12:12 AM
i had the oppurtunity to watch this movie thanks to geetham.net

the first half of the movies was good, funny and lively. it was nice to see how a friendship can influence a person's life.

i was really dissapointed in the second half of the movie. i was expecting a feel good movie but it was totally different. good acting by the cast, everybody did a good job and its a different story. it does have influence from some other movie.

it is nice to see new actors and new ppl coming to the cine industry. it will create a good healty rivalry.

i am yet to see a movie where they will show a guy and a girl can stay friends and they dont have to involve all the love stuff btw them. i was hoping this will be the one but it just as lame as it can be.

worth watching if you dont have anything to do for 2 hours.

09-08-2003, 06:38 PM
Kaadhal kondein is a nice movie. Looks like tis movie of Dhanush is also a hit. Songs r really good n so is his dancing. :cool: movie