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01-19-2004, 08:43 PM
பொருட்பால் விவாதங்கள்- 1. பேச்சிலினி மை வேண்டும்

இன்சொலால் ஈத்தளிக்க வல்லாற்குத ் தன்சொலால்
தான்கண் டனைத்திவ் வுலகு

திருக்குறள ், அதிகாரம் 39 (இறைமாட்சி) குறள் 7

கலைஞர் கருணா நிதி உரை

வாக்கில் இனிமையும், பிறர்க்கு வழங்கி காத்திடும் தன்மையும் கொண்டவர்க் கு இவ்வையகமே வசப்படும்.

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Meek shall inherit the Earth

It is a common belief: Being strong and the swift is the best way for a sure success. Name the ten important rulers - all would have ruled the world with the power of their swords. Legends of brave acts performed, heroic deeds acted, and shows of strength have always captured imagination of the people. It is also true that in the face of an enemy, the skills of the strong go a long way compared to any other skills. No wonder the world is after more power - in individuals as well as for nations.

Where then are these people - later when the strength of their hands wane? Where is the legacy of good kingdom they have founded? Alas, each stays only till the next power comes along and sweeps their land. Earning is easier than keeping and founding a lasting kingdom - small or big - is lot harder than winning a battle. The legacy of kings are not the wars they have one - but the way they have ruled. Every war that is fought is also a war that is lost. But every good deed performed is always a good deed.

It is even more true in an individual' life. Success in relationship or business or studies or any thing else is only fleeting. What remains when the spring of life is given way to the season of fall, is the good deeds done while the opportunity existed. Miss an opportunity to say a kind word of appreciation or comfort, such a chance would perhaps never repeat. Forget to lend a helping hand in need, perhaps next time around it may not be needed. But what is worse than all this is the opportunity to be best that you could be perhaps is missed for ever.

Why is speaking kind, respectful and reasonable words important? Why generosity a good leadership? Why does appreciation of genuine talent and contribution favour good friendships? Why does 'uniting' people with care and consideration win lasting relationships? Why is such a world, built on truthful and affectionate words and giving away blithely what others may need, a source of true community? Why does the wisdom of the ancients last longer than the bitterness and anger of people? The truth is, that true values are found - lasting kingdoms are established - more with kind words of understanding, and with shoulders that bunch to help others. People with such kind words and deeds might not win battles and be the rulers - but they win enough hearts and people who are proud to be called their friends.

A king with many to rule but no friends to cherish is much poorer than a man with little to claim but a true friend. It is far too foolish to own much when it is not spent on winning friends !

01-20-2004, 02:05 AM
A king with many to rule but no friends to cherish is much poorer than a man with little to claim but a true friend

very true... good one vaasan :)