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01-21-2004, 11:27 AM
These questions i have posted already but few have responded them, i am giving solutions for some i will give the solutions for other tommorow:If u cud try ...
1)How was the monolithi tomb taken to the top
(A 7.5 kms SLOPE IS MADE FROM THE TEMPLE )The slope is made using sand from the temple to SARAIPALLAM a village near tanjore.Using Elephants the tomb is towed to the peak.....u can calculate the angle of inclination (theta ) from the distance and height of temple..So PYTHAGAROS THEOREM WAS ALREADY USED...

2) Can any one guess the basement depth of thanjavur temple
I am not sure but its less than 15 feet AMAZING ISN IT...

3)How was the structure designed ?(the structure is not monolithic)--

The great Vimana is of the Dravidian style of architecture. It rises to a height of abut 216 feet, a tower of fourteen storeys, finely . The basement of the structure which supports the tower is 96 feet square. The sikhara or cupolic dome is octagonal in shape and crowns the Vimana. The gilded Kalasa or finial, over it is 12.5 feet high. The dome rests on a single block of granite, 25.5 feet square. Two Nandis, each measuring 6.5 feet by 5.5 feet beautify each corner of the stone which is estimated to weigh about 80 tons, and is believed to have been conveyed to the top of the tower by means of a inclined plane commencing from Sarapallam.

4)how were they joined together?

As i said in 3rd soln, the whole structure is built of 14 storeys the foll fig expalins for one storey (one corner )and the same applies for all the storey..
Lower storey size is bigger than its above , the lower storey has holes made in the corner .The upper storey has a projection (pin like ) which sits in the hole and when laid properly lead is meltd and poured. The adjoining (mating ) surfaces of the storeys are smeared with some cement like substance followed by lead .

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01-21-2004, 02:48 PM
3rd .... 4th'ku answer poodalaiyae .....


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3rd .... 4th'ku answer poodalaiyae .....

3rd ku ippo solli irukken , 4th yaravthu sollatum nu oru naal time kodu thu irukken .. nallai ku solren. let people guess answer irukku but u shd represent in diff way...

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its informative katteri.

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4 th oru clue:
pin & hole

Mech engg guys will find it easily:

01-22-2004, 01:04 PM
I have given the solution for all

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What an interesting and detailed information. Quite interesting.
It's real nice to have folks like u share this kind of information - not just download crapy movies and waste eye sight watching them....


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Yep Mech would hv found that correctly :(

Will try better next time..

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Wow Nice to know all these information about our temple in Tamilnadu.
Its great information.
Nandri Katteri...