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02-14-2004, 03:48 PM
Movie: Varnajaalam

Nagulan Ponnusamy
Srikanth,Sada,Kutty Radhika

You can never judge a film by way of pre-release hype and teaser trailers on channels as Varnajaalam, a film that promised to be “different” is nothing but old wine in a new bottle. The film has turned to be just another assembly line product as this psychological thriller has ended up as a half-baked experiment by Nakulan Ponnusamy, an amateurish debutant director.

Srikanth has done a role with negative shades like Shahrukh Khan in Baazigar or closer home to Dhanush in Kathal Kondein. But our hero is not an obsessive lover or serial killer but is all out to take revenge on a senior retired police officer who was responsible for the death of his lover and dear ones. The motivations of Sakthivel alias Daneil (Srikanth) are contrived. Perhaps a better screenplay, crisp editing and good direction would have made the proceedings much more convincing and believable.

Sakthivel becomes Daniel and comes to Ooty with a letter from a priest and enters Devanathan’s (Nassar) house. He wins over everyone in the family including the police officer’s son, daughter Anita (Kutty Radhika), brother (Thalaivasal Vijay), his wife and their children. But Daniel’s hidden agenda is to wreck Devanathan’s happy family. He plans and executes his operations like sending his son to a mental asylum and a conflict between the brothers. But in the climax he confesses to Anita about her father who was responsible for the death of Abhirami (Sada) and his family plus his links with Guna (Riaz Khan) an underworld don!

The slow narrative and a predictable climax are riddled with potholes. The major flaw is the screenplay and direction of Nakulan Ponnusamy. The songs in the film are a major letdown that spoils the tempo. The background score and music of Vidayasagar is below average. The comedy of Karnas with Chitti Babu is ok but it hampers the plot. As a man with mean streak Srikanth is ok. But in scenes where emotions are needed he could not shake off his lover boy image. Sada and Kutty Radhika have nothing much to do. Nassar as the diabolic police officer is perfect.

However Varnajaalam has nothing new to offer as it lacks style, newness or a tautness of a thriller.

Verdict: Half-Baked