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02-22-2004, 08:49 PM
Review : Autograph

Cheran, Gopika, Sneha

Cheran’s Autograph spotlights on the romantic escapades of a boy growing into a man. The story is told by the protagonist using the flashback method as he is on a trip down the memory lane inviting people whom he has come across in is life for his wedding.

The screenplay is a mess caring a whit for sense logic or continuity. Criss-crossing between past and present Senthil (Cheran) an advertising Manager in Chennai, boards the Pandian Express from Egmore station and takes the audience along with him for a journey to Madurai and from there to a small village where he spent his school days. His father (Rajesh) was the postmaster and he reminiscences nostalgic memories of his school days, his first “puppy love” with Kamala (Mallika). He meets and invites his old school master, neighbours friends at school, and of course Kamala, her husband and three children!

Next he goes to Kerala where he spends his college days at S.N College in Alleppy. His major crush at that time was Lathika (Gopika), a Malayalee girl with whom he falls in love but later the affair is “short lived” as her parents marries her of to her cousin. Senthil is shattered until he meets a vibrant Divya (Sneha) who changes his life altogether. She brings him back to life and teaches him the lesson that one has to go ahead in life without looking back at the past.

Cheran’s story is so muddled and looks like a documentary that even the innocence of Kamala or Lathika could not save the film. Practically all the three women whom Senthil encounters are one-dimensional especially Divya, his ‘good friend” whose character is a bit over the top. And in the climax Senthil gets married to Thenmozhi (Kanika) in the presence of all the characters with whom he had come across in life.

The weird aspect of Autograph is that there are no cinematic touches and the whole enterprise looks like a narcissistic affair! Consequently it becomes a Herculean effort to sit through the 165 minutes of Cheran love life without lapsing into a siesta! Among the artists everyone has come with good performance especially Mallika, Gopika and Sneha. Wish Cheran had used all that effort into making a love story with polish and panache! However the director had done good research and shot in exotic locations. The music of Bharadwaj is soothing as it gels with the story.

Verdict: Average


02-27-2004, 02:53 PM
Hi Lionman ...from which website you got this review??
The screenplay isnt a mess and the movie goes smooth.. It wasnt like a movie at all..It was like listening to a story of our friend... Lathika looks so sweet, absolute beauty...and kamala too with her innocence... This movie is not for commercial viewers... Its good to watch ..It is not fast and with turns each and evcery scene like the current trend of movies..

If u guys like azhagi... you will like this movie too.....

(P.S) I have seen only part 1...so will post full review after seeing the remaining part of the movie...

Edited to add - Okay...I am done with part 2 also... Overall a very good movie... Except for onething.. Cheran's crying scenes... There are other ways to express sadness other than crying all the time.. I dont like men who cry...pbly thats why I hated that part pf the movie.. The film would have been more better and realistic if they had shown gopika living a happy life with husband and kids...

Got to applaud the climax...No turns..No suspense..No fights..no artificial cinematic dialogues.. That too the way kamala turns around and looks at cheran when leaving the mandapam... a true masterpiece. A very good movie after a longtime..