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Gilli -


Fresh after the success of Thirumalai, Vijay has teamed up with Dhool director Dharani for Surya Movies A.M.Ratnam's Gilli, a remake of the Telugu super hit movie Okkadu. Vijay has Trisha for company.
“Gilli is sharp edged at both ends and so is the hero” revealed the director. Vijay, a Kabbadi player is a reserved person who works towards a set goal. Prakashraj who heads a caste outfit falls in love with Trisha. Her brothers who object to this are brutally killed by Prakashraj. Trisha's father packs her off to USA but en route she is stopped by Prakashraj. Vijay on a kabbadi tournament in that town chances to see Trisha being abducted. He rescues her and takes her away to Chennai. Here he makes her stay in his house without the knowledge of his father who is the Assistant commissioner of Police. Coincidentally the home minister is the brother of Prakashraj and he asks Vijay's father to find the girl. Vijay's father's investigations lead him to his son. All hell breaks loose and Vijay with Trisha take shelter in the Marina Lighthouse. Dharani said that there is a perfect blend of romance, action and sentiment in Gilli.
The highlight of the movie is the set created by art director Maniraj, of Mylapore and Triplicane area on the shores of Mahabalipuram which alone cost about Rs.one crore. Most of Vijay's portions are happening here, “We felt it would be very difficult to shoot with Vijay in Mylapore and Triplicane area. Hence we went for a set and a month long shooting got over here. Gilli is the most expensive project of Vijay's films” says Ratnam. Dharani said, “ Gilli would do better than Dhool because the story is more powerful and has been improvised with more twists and turns to suit the Tamil audience”. The rest of the film is shot in Madurai, Thenkasi, Vizag, and Hyderabad.
Talking about his role Vijay said, “Gilli's role amazes me. It's a new experience for me. All the characters in the movie are down to earth. Incidents that take place in everyday life, at home, on the street, interlaced with romance, comedy and sentiments are beautifully portrayed by Dharani sir”. Prakash Raj, Aashish Vidyarthi, Damu, Nagendra Prasad and Baby Jennifer are the supporting cast.
Vidhyasagar scores music and the Cinematographer is Gopinath. The movie is expected to hit the theatres in April. :wink:

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Here's a preview of Gilli from Cinesouth:

Cast - Vijay,Trisha

Direction - Tharani

Lyrics - Vidhya sakar

Hero Vijay is a Kabbadi player. He meets Trisha when he goes for an outstation tournament and falls in love with her. Vijay's father hates him already. When he comes to know that Vijay is in love with Trisha, he plans with Trisha's father to separate them. How Vijay overcomes these obstacles, is the story.

Hero & Heroine
Vijay is very happy these days with the success of 'Thirumalai'. The moment he saw the Telugu film 'Okkadu', he ahd sent his father to get the remake rights. He has so much of faith on the film. He is convinced that he is working in a thoroughly action film, to suit the action season.

After the success of 'Saami', Trisha had become everybody's favorite. This is the first time that she is teaming up with Vijay.

Tharani-Vidhyashankar are reuniting! 'Gilli' is yet another masala dish cooked by Tharani after 'Dil' and 'Dhool'. The director is not claiming that he is trying to make an artistic film. It is 100% commercial film.

Some titbits:
Though it is a Telugu film, director Tharani has made plenty of changes while adapting it to Tamil.

Tharani, Vidhyasagar, choreographer Kalyan and cinematographer Gopinath are reuniting for this film.

The film's sets have been erected at Mahabalipuram. Shooting is on.

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how is the songs has anyone heard it ?waiting to watch the movie

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why does it say Review... when it should be Preview..... i thought the movie was out :Ksp:

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