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03-20-2004, 06:23 PM
கோடி வணக்கம் செலுத்தினா லும் அது போதுமா...என தெரியவில்ல ை ஆனால் உனக்கு நான் சமர்ப்பிபத ு....

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In Yashoda's kitchen, the milk was over boiling. Yashoda was busy nursing child Krsna. To get the milk destined to make sweet meats for her child, she put Krsna down. He did not take to this treatment kindly.He was very angry to have been ignored in this way.

His lips and eyes became red with rage.That morning, his mother had personally taken charge of churning the butter herself. She had left the pot in a corner of the room, intending to put it away later. Seeing the pot, the child seized a stone and broke the pot. Then with false tears in His eyes, he began to eat the butter in a secluded place.

When mother Yashoda discovered the mischief after returning from taking care of the milk, she wanted to punish the child. She found Him in the courtyard sitting on a big wooden grinding mortar.Upon seeing her approaching the guilty child Krishna, began to flee in fear.

In the picture, Mother Yashoda is trying to follow Him as fast as she can.

03-20-2004, 11:15 PM
Mothers day (or Mothering Sunday) is on the 21st of March only in England.. Most other places it is celebrated on the 4th sunday of May.. :)

Happy mothers day to all folks in England.. !!

03-21-2004, 12:04 AM
Happy Mothers day to everyone in England :sm08:

03-21-2004, 01:01 AM
Happy Mothers Day...... :sm08:

03-21-2004, 04:12 AM
Happy Mothers Day :)
Show your love to your mum..make her happy

03-21-2004, 08:27 AM
Nalvallvu thanthaayae neeyae

Oh mother mine, u r my sunshine, my waxing moon, my eternal light.
what would I be without u?
thoughts of u alone can uplift my sunken spirits, re-ignite the flames of hope.
Ur love enriches my life more than I can ever express with a few words.
I love u Mummy dearest.

If u can hug her everyday, call her everyday....and just tell her u love her....
even if ur feeling angry upset or sad ... just tell her

(btw how would one say that in Tamil :oops: ?)

Happy Mothering Sunday :D .

03-21-2004, 08:35 AM
ஐ லவ் யூ மம்மி.. :P :P

On a more practical note....
if mom is close by, give her a hug and say: என் செல்ல அம்மா.. (kiss) and 'Happy Mothering Day, அம்மா..' :b:

I don't think there is a tamil equivalent for the generic 'I love you'... :( :(

Or may be I don't know.. :00: :oops:

03-21-2004, 08:48 AM
thanx dude, :b: will do

03-21-2004, 11:26 AM
mother day ya :00: yepo :think: .........

oh.......england liya...........seri .......

happy mothers day for all mothersssssss :sm08: :sm08: :sm08: :sm08: :sm08: :sm08: :sm08: :sm08:

03-24-2004, 03:02 PM
happy mother day :P :P :P

03-24-2004, 03:14 PM
Happy Mothers day to all ........ :sm30: