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03-25-2004, 04:04 PM

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(Kartik Kumar, Poongothai Chandrahasan)


After the frothy, light-hearted romance 'Meera', and the angaging 'Kurudhi Punal', cinematographer-director P C Sriram ventures into his third directorial effort, 'Vaanam Vasapadum'.

The film introduces debutants Poongothai Chandrahasan and Kartik Kumar (of the evam theatre group) in the lead roles with a supporting cast of Nasser, Revati, Vijaykumar, Hanifa, Thalaivasal Vijay, Vijay Athiraj, Kovai Sarala and Janaki Sabhesh.

Many of the artistes of the Koothu-p-Pattarai theatre group too play crucial roles in the film. Like Ranjit Bhimsingh (director Bhimsingh's grandson) Avinash, Umar, Shanker Sundaram, Ravi Prakash, Ajayan Bala, Shyam, Bosky and Dr Latha Trustina.

The story is penned by Sujatha with screenplay-dialogue by Lawrence-PC Sriram. The film's technical credits go to Raghavan (set design), Kasi Viswanathan (editing), Brinda (dance choreography), Vikram Dharma (stunt choreography) and cinematography by P C Sriram.

The story centres on the trauma in the life of a newly-wed couple
when the wife becomes a victim of rape. Shot on digital camera, the film's music is composed by the late Mahesh, with background score by Sunderbabu, son of popular Veena exponent Chitty Babu.

Planned for a Tamil New Year release, the film is produced by R K Raghunath-Johnson Jaiprakash for R K Films - and Digital Movie-Makers.A film to look forward to! :P