03-29-2004, 03:19 AM
It centers round Vasu, an unemployed youth who whiles away his time idly with some good-for- nothing friends, much to the annoyance of his father. Vasu's ready cheeky answers to all his father's queries,and his don't- care attitude only irritates the father, further making him fearful for his son's future. On the other side is Vasu's encounters with the comely Vijy, one of them leading to Vijy meeting with an accident. Vasu admitting her to the hospital spending money on her and saving her life, would in other films have led to the thawing of relations between the duo. But here it only leads to further bad blood, with the girl blaming him for her accident and he angrily demanding his money back. The debutant director takes a different stance here, and it is commendable that he's attempted to move away from the routine throughout his narration.

When matters heat up at the home front ,Vasu leaves for Chennai to take up a job,where Vijy lands up too. The duo continue with their bickering and one-upmanship.

At one point Vijy does thaw and asks Vasu to bail her out of an impending marriage. But Vasu's callous response puts her off once again.How the relationship finally ends forms the rest of the movie.

In his two earlier films, Dhanush had serious off-beat roles and the home banner to back him up. And one wondered how he would fit into the typical 'hero' mould. But it is to the actor's credit that he goes through the whole gamut of the dance-fight routine with gusto,coming out creditably. And this despite the director putting the spotlight on him and not bothering to camouflage his rough edges.

Everything about the film is on a high note,the adrenalin-flowing kind,the director not making any pretense of making a classy product, but getting straight down to the brass tacks. What holds the film together is the scripting and narrative style which though a bit crude and lacking in finesse, is fast paced and racy,at times weird and unusual, the likes of which one hasn't seen in earlier films. The director is focused on what he wants and there are no lagging moments.

Dhina's sound track to go with the mood of the rest of the film is thumping and loud,the choreography vibrant (Manmatha Raja). But the film definitely could have done with some sprucing up and some judicious editing out of some of the off-colour lines and shots.

While the scenes between Vasu-Vijy are loud and of the spit-fire kind, lending some subtlety to the proceedings are the family scenes of Vasu and his parents. Manickavinayagam has given a finely tuned performance as Vasu's father, the father-son scenes are at times humorous, at other times touching, but with a realistic feel. Krishna as Vasu's brother gets noticed. Debutant Chaya Singh (Kannada films) has the homely face and the performance to fit into her role. While second lead Suki is there just for distraction with the director wasting quite a few frames on her.

'Thulluvatho Ilamai' and 'Kadhal Kondein', his ealier films were big successes at the box office. With 'Thiruda Thirudi' too on it's way to being a success, it looks like Dhanush is about to achieve a hat-trick.