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04-27-2004, 08:52 AM
Cast: Prasanna, Sruthi Raj, Anu Sasi..

Story/Screen play/Direction: S.R.Selvaraj

Dialogues: Pattu Kottai Prabhakar

Music: Bharathwaj

Cinematography: Sri Shankar

This is a Triangular love story. Priya (Sruthi Raj) loves Vinoth (Prasanna).
But Vinoth loves his schoolmate Sandhya . Unfortunately they are separated by some critical situations. Now, a grown up Vinoth uses latest graphical technology to find Sandhya. With the speculated graphical image he chases another girl (Anu Sasi) who is similar to Sandhya. Finally he comes to know that the graphical image belongs to a different girl and he was cheated by the person who designed the image. After a whole drama Priya and Vinoth unite at the end.

The Trio has done a good job and gets pass mark in the film. Vadivel’s comedy plays a vital role in the film. S.V.Sekar has got a good role. Madhan Bob, Nirosha, Tony, Agilan are the others among the cast. Radhika Choudry comes in an item number. S.R.Selvaraj does the story, screenplay and directs the film. The story has predictable turnings. At times it appears as if we are watching an old film. The songs ‘Kaadhal Kaadhal’, ‘Imaikaadha Vizhiyum’, ‘Unnai Enakku Rommba Pidikkume’ are well picturized.

Photos from the movie: