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  1. Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Sri Venkateswara Suprapadam Upanyasam SVBC TV Dec 2011

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    thanks for your quick response
  2. ML Vasanthakumari - Thiruppavai, Thiruvembavai and Thirupalliyezhuchi

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    This "Thiruppalliyezhuchi" is not the one by Thondaradipodiyazhwar. ("Kadhiravan Gunadisai....."). This is by Manickavasagar and goes with Thiruvembavai.

    Dear sir,

    i am not able to download MLV thirupavai, thiruvembavai and thirupalliezhuchi. can you please upload again?

  3. Epub Collection III

    1.Clive Cussler(22 titles)
    2.Enid Blyton(130 titles)
    3.Irving Wallace(11 titles)
    4.P.G.Wodehouse(44 titles)
    5.Richard Dawkins(2 titles)
    6.Robert Ludlum(33 titles)
    7.Agatha Christie(101 titles/33 ...

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  4. Epub Collection II

    1.Alistair Maclean((18 titles/ 5Mb)
    2.Colin Forbes(13 titles/7 Mb)
    3.Jack Higgins(74 titles/25 mb)
    4.James Hadley Chase(35 titles/10 Mb)
  5. 7am Arivu

    The movie begins by giving you the goosebumps. All the high talks about our past and glory keeps you up and high. Hu Shih indeed quotes -'India Conquered and dominated China culturally for 20 centuries without ever having to send a single soldier across her border'. The story of 7am Arivu begins in this fashion. Personally the best part of the movie was this initial sequence of events about Bodhidharma. They could have indeed extended the sequence longer.
    Nevertheless the movie claims to ...
    Tags: 7am arivu, review
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