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Upanyasam Collections -download

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Dear Geethamites,
I have shared below my mediafire account. I have collected the Upanyasams of our beloved Sri Anna and U.Ve.Krishnan. Some devotional music albums are also there. These are downloaded mostly from Mediafire offered in platter by our Geethamites. I offer my obeisance to those who shared these treasure for the benefit of bhagavathas like me. I apologize to those who originally shared these treasure for us for sharing without their permission. Bcos, i felt some geethamites who joined this forum recently might have missed some invaluable collections. Hence wanted to share.


In any way, had I hurt anyone in this forum by sharing this treasure, I offer once again my apologies. I would like to keep the share open for a week time. Most of us may have copies of the collection in my account, but those who joined late, may miss one or two of the above. This share is for them.


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