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7am Arivu

Rating: 2 votes, 2.50 average.
The movie begins by giving you the goosebumps. All the high talks about our past and glory keeps you up and high. Hu Shih indeed quotes -'India Conquered and dominated China culturally for 20 centuries without ever having to send a single soldier across her border'. The story of 7am Arivu begins in this fashion. Personally the best part of the movie was this initial sequence of events about Bodhidharma. They could have indeed extended the sequence longer.
Nevertheless the movie claims to make a Tamizhan proud, and it indeed does do justice to that feeling, giving us reasons to be. And then, the story begins. Starting with a mind controlling shaolin school topper (thats how he is introduced in the movie!), vampire lady, walking zombies (or the undead!). These are the obvious ones. The trivial ones are one too many. Surya and Shruti hassan have done a very goodjob in the movie which is a major pro-point for-the-movie. Surya is probably the only actor who could have pulled off this role.
Let me not get started about the songs, just when the movie seems to be building a momentum, a song comes and blows that away. I must say the songs were far less than impressive.

The pride that the movie tries to instill is very strong. The movie does talk about brain drain, lack of respect for our culture(even within our borders) and of course our prosperous and glorious past. But it comes a bit too late when the people are getting ready to leave the theater to prevent a parking lot hustle.
I must say that the themes for the movies nowadays are changing, but not very fast. It needs to change faster. The culture of inserting these irritating songs in serious movies must go. The plot of the movie was alright, even though it could have been better. The part where they tell that our culture has been systematically twisted could have been shown on screen instead of just talking about it in a live. That would have truly proved a point.
On the whole, its a feel good movie. I sincerely hope at least the idea, that we once had a glorious past and that it can definitely be achieved by us, be planted in the minds of people. Because an idea is like a virus (-courtesy Inception).
I would give 3/5 for the movie.

I cant help but point out some seemingly trivial but actual blunders in the movie. The signal jammer that says jammer with a led blip on it! I doubt even a custom made jammer will have such an indication to say that its a jammer.
And The scenes of the ancient kingdom in the beginning looked like a pick up scene from Age of Empires, actually the recent versions look so real, that its takes sometime to figure it out. When the Tamizh movie industry is doing so well a good graphics team to assist movie creation is a necessity not an optional expense to cook up the books!

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