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    Come back to me honey
    Ma heart never fall for anyone,
    But only to you
    We talk for hours….
    I felt sad when I think about it
    The sharp pain in me says
    I can’t talk to you..
    I don’t have the heart for parting too
    And ma heart unable to hold that longer
    It is poisoning me mutely,
    How to make you happy…to be back
    I am still waiting for your love
    What shall I do to increase your love chella
    Come back to me honey...
    To halt …from dying silently …

    This poem was written by Author: MCgaL(sWEEtmICHe)

  2. #122


    ma bREATh

    The day as I was sitting in an edge’s
    A wind blow…came like a babe breath
    And plucked me…with jumping joy!
    Everywhere rain dews….
    In a swinging sweet music
    I was searching for your eyes
    And you came visible to me
    As I can see nights and days in you,
    Wanted always to be in your heart
    As a Living candlelight…
    And you look at me tellingly
    Can I call you a rain in ma life?
    Or a day where the world end?
    Oh! ma breath is still with u …
    It is in your hand....
    Every scribble is me in you …..

    This poem is written byMCgaL(sWEEtmICHe)

  3. #123


    bEAUTIFUl eYEs...
    Hey gloomy girl…
    Why the sadness in your eyes
    I can see your anger bursting now …
    Are you waiting for your lover?
    Your Lips are showing the burning flame
    Fading…ears are visible now!
    And it is bursting into volcanoes! …
    Are you angry? My dear
    Where is your lover gone?
    Still waiting in deep remorseful circle
    But your sad eyes are killing me….
    How can he left …
    Such a bEAUTIFUl eYEs...
    Which need to be kISs
    And not left abandon....

    This pOEm is written by Author: MCgaL(sWEEtmICHe)

  4. #124


    [marq=left:7e057f70ac]tHe cRYINg gIRL[/marq:7e057f70ac]

    As you turned away from me...
    I looked into further than that
    The tears had clouded over me,
    even the evening wind hurting ma face
    Why are you hiding your love feelings?
    What happen?
    Life is once Love is once and Dead is once
    U told me….everything turns away
    And YOU asked me to choose among these
    Ma heart is here NOWHERE…chella
    I was all alone and you came as a wind
    And now you had plucked ma breathe away
    I am melting now…
    All lies...lies all the while
    How could u did this to me…. honey?

    This poem was written by Author:MCgaL(sWEEtmICHe)

  5. #125


    fEELINg rEMORSe....

    Why the sudden silent now…
    Can u absorb....it
    I am alone…looking at the sky!!
    And having dry feeling....
    Is that..nothing to reach the ocean.
    Just ma single drop of tears...
    You made me feel wanted
    But now..

    Am I to be blame?
    Why all these happening!!
    I don’t know.
    fEELINg rEMORSe.....
    Loosing myself completely
    Just wanting to be with you always......

    This poem is written by Author:MCgaL(sWEEtmICHe)

  6. #126


    ma LIPs and your hEARt…

    The moment I met you …
    I was sitting near the shore,
    Looking at the waves.
    As I glance, I saw u.
    You were staring at me,
    I quickly took ma eyes away.
    Minutes, I look again.
    Suddenly you came, grab and kissed me!
    I was stunned.
    Didn’t know what to do,
    Feeling injured…ma lips!!
    Unable to come to senses
    Tears …rolling .oh dear…
    You came again….
    And said, I am sorry
    I thought I kissed ma sweetheart…
    And you left with ma heart...

    This pOEm was written byAuthor MCgaL(sWEEtmICHe)

  7. #127


    lOVe iS bURNINg.....

    lOVe iS bURNINg.....
    Drowning with tears….
    I have lost all ma hope
    Why you plucked ma breath
    And left me all alone.
    With sudden sadness!!
    I saw you came as a wind
    And said Love is only once…
    And cheated me with your sweet eyes
    I am here where are u ma darling?
    Making me realize where I’m place now
    Your love poison is still hanging.
    Even death never nears me?
    I lived for u…. and
    Now all crashed in a moment
    Such a sweet love can die?

    This pOEm is written by aUTHOr :MCgaL(sWEEtmICHe)

  8. #128


    மூங்கிலாய் வெடிக்கின் றேன்.....
    உன் நினைவில் நான் மூங்கிலாய் வெடிக்கின் றேன்
    என் அன்பு உனக்கு புரியாமல் போனது எப்படி.
    தரையில் நடந்த நான் வானில் பறந்தேனே
    உன்னால் இப்போ சிறகு உடைந்து கிடக்கின்ற ேன்
    எனக்கு ஒசையோடு கீதம் வேண்டும்
    உன் வார்தை இன்னும் என் காதில் ஓலிக்கிறது
    என் உள்ளத்தை உன்னிடம் கேட்கிறது
    ராகமும் தாளமும் தான்....
    மீதி உள்ளது உன் நினைவால்
    உன்னை நான் என்பதா என் செல்ல
    உன் உள்ளம் அப்பொழுதும ் உடையக் கூடாது
    உன்னோடு நான் கலந்து விட முடியுமா
    மிச்சி என்ன செய்யும் உன்னை மாத்துமா ?

    இந்த கவிதை MCgaL(சுவிற்மி ச்சி)எழுதி து

  9. #129


    moonkilaai vedikkindrane
    un ninaivil naan moonkilaai vedikkindrane
    en anbu unakku puriyaamal poonathu eppadi.
    thaarayil nadantha naan vaanil paranthanae
    unnaal ippa seeraku udainthu kidakiranae
    yenaku osaiyoodu geetham vendum
    un varthai…ennum en kaathil oolikirathu
    enn ullathai unnidam kaathidathu
    raagamum thaalamum thaan....
    meethi ullathu un ninaivaal..
    unnai naan ennbatha en chella
    un ullam appoluthum udaiya kudathu?
    unnodu naan kalanthu vida mudyumaa?
    mICHe enna seiyum unnai maarthumaa ?

    This poem is written by MCgaL(sWEEtmICHe)

  10. #130


    lOVe cRIEs

    I look up.
    Don't always feel the same way
    A tear rolls slowly down my cheek
    as I smell the rose
    When life and love have torn apart my heart cries...
    Where do they shattered the tiny pieces of ma rose
    I think about better days and wonder if I'll feel that
    Way again sometimes only tears can say
    You look at me with those eyes
    May be in distance but not in my heart.
    Snow tears falling ....

    This pOEm was written by MCgaL(sWEEtmICHe)

  11. #131


    lASt tEARs cALLINg

    Every tEARs are wHISPERINg...
    "don't be despair"....
    hEARt is mend not to be bROKEn
    hOLD On!!
    But I felt drenched..
    waitIng....yearning to see you,
    as u came..
    And left me in a wINDSTORm…
    tEARs oH tEARs!
    Where are you ma lOVe?
    Is it obstacle...
    Blocking your eyes?
    In a...hOt blaze sCREEn…
    oH eYEs oH eYEs
    Please…. search ma lOSt lOVe....
    As ma lASt tEARs cALLINg ......

    This poem is written by MCgaL(sWEEtmICHe)

  12. #132


    "hAPPy bIRTHDAy"
    Words is just a word mummy
    But the love i have with is wordless
    I am here is b'cuz of you ma chella mummy
    I love you so much dearly
    All ma feelings are
    Flying high with you
    Your move is ma world
    Your talk is ma life
    Take care mummy
    Beautiful…. flower u are
    Water splits in you,
    I am soaking…
    Your words I found in u,
    Grows in me…wild now!!
    Mummy come to me
    Your suha papa is calling you
    Birds are chirping your name around
    Need not that beauty
    In your face is your heart I love
    Ma poems first words are you.
    The feeling I am with u is expressed
    On beauty mummy who came to me
    1st time I can smell of you
    U makes me grow in you

    This poem is written by Author:MCgaL(sWEEtmICHe)
    for suha anju{suhapapa@barbiedolls.com}

  13. #133


    a voice came...

    This poem is written by MCgaL(sWEEtmICHe)
    and dedicated to ma sWEEt fRIEND bluelotus

  14. #134


    love oh love

    I am a sick love puppy
    while shivering in the leaf
    shaking voice heard your
    foot steps.......
    my stopped eyes awakes!!
    it echoes in my tympanic
    fantasy or reality ?
    when it came deep down the
    shallow heart and appears.
    i saw rainbow in the rain.
    and the rain remembers
    not umbrella but your face
    and made me quench my thirst
    and will it kill me ???
    every move i can hear you
    torturing my heart .. with your name
    is it love or you're eating me with love
    where is the yesterday's eye
    my shoulder freezes now.
    can you come forward .....and reach me ?

    Poem is written by Author:MCgaL(sWEEtmICHe)

  15. #135


    7 tunes geetham > lASt pOEm <
    pROMISe is bURNINg…
    Flowing like bloodstream...
    And blocking ma eyes
    By shutting ma heart
    And saddening ma tune
    You are plucking ma breathe again
    Leaving behind the 7 tunes geetham
    By dripping with one word u said
    I can still hear the pounding…word
    Is roaring and soaking me in blood?
    mICHe is no more sWEEt for you
    All your promises had dead.
    The moment u played the tune
    Why I have to go thru all these
    I can see your fire words on me
    When can ma eyes rest ? ...tell me
    I am waiting come and get me chellam
    Ma love never change still there.....

    This poem is written by Author:MCgaL(sWEEtmICHe)

  16. #136


    I see everywhere………
    I see everywhere………
    Don't always feel the same way
    As tears roll slowly down my cheek
    As I walk around....
    When life and friendship have torn apart
    Ma heart cries...
    Why the shattered feelings now
    I think about better days and
    Wonder if I'll feel that
    Way again sometimes only tears can say
    Can the time tell me. ?.......
    Always serious, so deep and insightful
    As though you're always in control
    But not today not now......
    And during the day that's largely true.
    But when the sun sets, life again comes
    ..... To a shut …why this happening ?
    Now you look so scared like for once
    You don't have the answer ......

    I gaze nathing now….
    B’cuz your eyes are not with me
    Waiting to understand why you've
    Said those words ..........
    I wonder for a moment if this is all a dream
    I shall wake in the morning and be
    Relieved after the morning sun arise
    But still it looks dark to me……
    Maybe the worst pain of loneliness are
    Caused by the regrets .....
    Why you look at me again
    With a confusion I have never seen
    when will u slowly pull me towards you
    And wipe the tears from my cheek?
    Hoping someday it will happen
    I am sorry chellam......
    Together forever we shall be never be apart,
    May be in distance but not in our heart.
    Ma heart is knocking now……”why”

    This poem is written by sWEEtmICHe

  17. #137


    intha kankal kannir kavithai ezluthuthe
    yen intha vali uthiriyaanathu?
    sumaiye thaangga mudiyaamalaa?
    alla idhayam udainthathaalaa?
    poo kaadhal theeyil kulikkuthe
    visiya poo megathil
    paava vaazkai tholaikavaa?
    Sol En?
    nijam engge....?
    mindum mindum thiraikul selkirathe
    osaiyin thuli therikkavaa ?
    allathu puttiya anbu vaasikkavaa?

    saaba alai vanthu visuthe
    athu adiththu selkirathe
    indru udaithu paarthu viddathaal
    perukira kannir kavithai intha kankaL ezuthuthe
    neer kulathil kannir ponggi ponggi
    nilavin oliyil aruvi valiyil vadiyithu
    uyir ilanthum padaamal thudikkirathu
    ilaiyum kilaiyum?
    kannir kavithaiyaal..kaadhal ......serumaa?

    This poem is written by MCgaL(sWEEtmICHe)

  18. #138


    இந்தக் கண்கள் கண்ணீர் கவிதை எழுதுதே
    ஏன் இந்த வலி உதிரியானது ?
    சுமையை தாங்க முடியாமலா?
    அல்ல இதயம் உடைந்ததாலா ?
    பூக் காதல் தீயில் குளிக்குதே
    வீசிய பூ மேகத்தில்
    பாவ வாழ்க்கை தொலைக்கவா?
    சொல் ஏன்?
    நிஜம் எங்கே.....?
    மீண்டும் மீண்டும் திரைக்குள் செல்கிறதே
    ஓசையின் துளி தெறிக்கவா ?
    அல்லது பூட்டிய அன்பு வாசிக்கவா?

    சாப அலை வந்து வீசுதே
    அது அடித்து செல்கிறதே
    இன்று உடைத்து பார்த்து விட்டதால்
    பெருகிற கண்ணீர் கவிதை இந்த கண்கள் எழுதுதே
    நீர்க் குளத்தில் கண்ணீர் பொங்கிப்பொ ங்கி ...
    நிலவின் ஒளியில் அருவி வழியில் வடியிது
    உயிர் இழந்தும் பாடாமல் துடிக்கிறத ு
    ......போராடுமா ?
    இலையும் கிளையும் !
    இக்கண்ணீர் கவிதையால்.. ாதல்......சேர மா?

    விழிகளில் கரைந்து மடலில் வரைந்தது _சுவிற்மிச சி(MCgaL)

  19. #139


    காதல் இனித்திடும ் நரகமா?

    காதல் வைத்து விட்டு
    இரவு கூட உறங்கி விட்டது.
    என் மனதை பறித்துக்க ொண்டு
    நீ மட்டும் ஊறங்கிவிட் டாய்...
    உறங்கா விழி கருகும் இமையாய்
    கண் முன்னே காவியமாய்
    நெஞ்சினுள் முள்ளாய்.....
    தயங்கி தூறல் போடும் கோணமோ?
    இது தீருமோ?

    இந்த கவிதை MCgaL(சுவிற்மி ச்சி) எழுதியது

  20. #140


    உனக்கு பிடித்த என் - புன்னகையுட ன்
    செல்லமே விடிய விடிய கண்விழித்த ு
    சிரித்தபடி யே நினைத்து பார்க்கிறே ன்
    நானும் நல்லா யோசித்து விட்டேன் - சாரி
    எனச்சொல்லி ச் சென்ற நாளை
    உனக்கு பிடித்த என் - புன்னகையுட ன்
    நினைத்துபா ர்க்கிறேன் எப்போதேனும ்
    காலை பூந்தென்றல ் ௭ன் மீது வீச
    காதல் தரும் இன்பதையும்
    ஆசை நினையுகளைய ும் ......
    விழிகளில் கரைந்து மடலில் வரைந்தது _சுவிற்மிச சி(MCgaL)

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