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    How to evaluate health Web sites

    Use reliable sources. Search engines do not always list the most
    reliable source of health information as top results. Make sure to assess the
    site when you get there before digging deeper. Use directories such as
    the National Institutes of Health's MEDLINEplus (;
    which review Web sites before entering them into the directory.

    Consult your physician. Use online health information responsibly by
    consulting your health care professional about what you find.

    Know the purpose of what you read. Conflicts of interest do exist
    online. Make sure you know whether health information was developed to
    promote products or services. Well-run health sites clearly distinguish
    advertising and promotional content from health information.

    Check the credentials of health content authors. The best health Web
    sites provide extensive information on the credentials of authors and
    information on the source of scientific evidence used to develop health

    Know how health information was developed. A well-run health Web site
    will post editorial policies of the process involved in clinically
    reviewing health information.

    Know the credentials of medical service providers. When receiving
    services online, make sure you know when you are consulting a medical
    professional. Insist that you be informed of the medical professional's
    credentials before you interact.

    Source: URAC

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    Thanks for the information.

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    a good site for online assessment of your health status, please remeber that they are mere guidelines and cannot replace a qualified medical physician.

    Cum recte vivis, ne cures verba malorum

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