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    Arjun, the ‘Action ‘King of Tamil cinema is back with C.Sundar’s Giri and takes the centre screen to kick-butt as a daredevil fighting machine who single handedly saves a village and family from extinction. Giving him company are two sexy girls who outdo each other in stripping!
    C.Sundar’s agenda is clear- six fights, five songs along with glamour girls, crass comedy, and cheap sentiments all to suit the taste of frontbenchers. The result is a 145 minutes yarn pretty shallow in story content but fun while it lasts.

    The story is hackneyed as they come. Two villages on either side of a river (picturesque locations of Kuttanad in Kerala passed off as Tamilnadu) are always feuding as the headmen (Vinu Chakravarthy and Fefsi Vijayan) have personal enemity. Due to some misunderstanding, Vijayan’s children die and the blame falls on Vinu Chakravarthy. Vijayan seeks revenge and tries tries to kill Vinu’s son but is saved by his servants son but the boy disappears.

    20 years later Shiva (Arjun) is shown in a city living with a bakery owner (Vadivelu). Shiva’s mission is to protect Devayani and her son from all sorts of gangsters. Priya (Reema Sen) walks into the bakery and falls in love with our macho hero! Just before interval, the true identity of Shiva is known as he saves Devayani and her son from being murdered by Fefsi Vijayan’s son.

    In a flashback it is revealed that Shiva is Giri, the hatchet man of Vinu Chakravarthy. Devayani’s husband Suryaprakash (Prakash Raj) is actually the long lost son of Vinu and he was killed by Vijayan. To protect the family that Giri was sent to bring them back to the village. In the village Giri has another love interest, Devaki (Ramya) the niece of Vijayan.

    All this leads to a bloody climax during a boat race and Vijayan and his family are wiped out by Giri. And the film ends with Giri committing bigamy as both girls cling on to him!

    It is another mindless entertainer crammed with action scenes. Arjun does justice to another action hero role and Vadivel’s comedy raises a few laughter. Reemma Sen and Ramya are there for glamour as both are seen parading in skimpy clothes trying to outdo each other in stripping.

    Arjun has a great time exploring Reema’s anatomy as he tries to swat a cockroach from her body. And in another underwater scene Ramya tries to kiss him. D.Immam has given some peppy fast numbers including a catchy title track. Giri is enjoyable as it lasts.

    Verdict: Time Pass

    Source: Sify

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    Man, I love this movie... crazyyy fights.. nice songs... i really liked it...

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