We know it takes a lot of time to download the movies using torrent, thats why we provide high quality movies in torrents.

Its a best way of distribution or share in the current network enviroment.

To enable a smooth share for all users, we require the following.

If users are in a dial-up network, currently we cannot do anything but you can become a active member and download the little low quality of the most movies we provide.

Now the Broadband/DSL/High Speed Network users:

There are lot of complaints regarding the seeding of movies, one person alone cannot share the entire load when most user have a similar network capability.

1. Please re-seed after your download is 100%, which means don't closed the Bit Torrent client the moment it is 100%. Please remember you are getting the movie because some on else is seeding for you.

2. Lets have a fair plan like every one should seed atleast 36 hours or more after their download is 100% (An Approx of 3 days a Bit Torrent Client stays ON).

3. We will log every information in the Geetham Torrent Tracker, If any of you guys not seeding as requested, don't be mad at us, we will block the ips for next 10 good quality movies.

4. We will not publish this information in the forums like others do, we will do what we say and we know why we do this.

So lets be fair and share and encourage distribution systems.