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    What you need:

    2 cups frozen strawberries
    1 cup milk
    2/3 cup strawberry yogurt
    2 tablespoons of strawberry syrup

    How to make it:

    Place all the ingredients in a blender...cover and blend until smooth...... Then take a glass and pour.... ((Serve with fresh strawberries ))

    If you like, you can add ice cubes to the ingredients for more chill...

    The above makes 4 servings :D

    Low in fat, high in flavour and rich in vitamins :P :P :P


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    wow wow wow

    Guess what Priyam. I just tried it two days back. It was great.

    I did one without yoghurt with a little of vanilla essence and kept it in the freezer. strawberry ice cream

    I got one more box of strawberries, night ice cream ready

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    I love strawberries a lot !!!

    Cho chweet priyam.. Thanks.. will try it and let u know

    I Geetham

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