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    Default Sweetcorn bhaji

    Sweetcorn bhaji

    You need:

    - Fresh baby sweetcorn (prepacked - 15/20 sweetcorn)
    - 2 tablespoons kadalai maavu
    - 2 teaspoons corn flour
    - 2 teaspoons rice flour
    - 1 teaspoon chilli powder
    - 1 teaspoon garam masala
    - Salt per taste
    - Oil (for frying)

    How to make it:

    1. Cut the sweetcorn into two pieces, then slice down the middle.
    2. In a bowl, place the cut sweetcorn adding the flours, powder, masala & salt...pour a little bit of water and mix together.
    3. Heat the oil, once hot...fry the above until golden brown.
    4. Once fried, it's ready to serve:

    It's really nice with thayir saadham

    ((PS: It doesn't have to be sweetcorn, you can use potatoes, carrots, etc))


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    It's really nice with thayir saadham

    :P :P :P

    Baby sweetcorn bajji, baby.. And it goes well with thayir sadham...

    Haven't tried this one yet, come to think of it, don't know why..

    Thanks, Priyamaana Priyam..


    ps: What other things can we stuff inside a bajji... So long as there is no stuffing of dark chocs, its alright, I guess..
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    Mikka Nandri Chweet Priyam

    Intha weekend try panitu solren

    I Geetham

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    thanks priyam


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    Shy akkaaa
    Panittu kandipa sollungo...also appadiye enakku sample'ku koncham anupi vaingo, danks :D :D

    Very welcome Lakshmi

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    Fresh Baby sweet corn... US-la kedarathu kashtam..

    Shy enga vangineega.. is it fresh or frozen one.

    Have seen it in frozen section.

    Thanks for the recipe priyam.. Will try it.

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