My brother has applied for student visa for US. He is having full funding from the university. During the interview they asked the usual questions and they asked to fill up the answers for the following questions and send it by email. They keep his passport also. Has any one met this kind of situation. Can anybody guide to answers these questions. I have given my brother's answers. Please help.
1. Name of the Applicant, Passport Number, Date & place of Birth.

Jothirmayanantham Pichaandi and other information

2. Please list the names of all accompanying travelers. If you are
travelling to U.S. as a member of a team, please list the names and
passport numbers of all team members.


3. List your trip itinerary and contact information of where you will

Trip itinerary has not been decided. the contact information is

he has given his friend's address.
4. Advisor or contact person in the U.S. including address, phone
number and email.

Naoko Ishida, Sevis Coordinator, International Programs Office, 467
Hills South, UMass Amherst MA 01003, P-413-545-2843, F-413-545-1201,
Email id - nishida@ipo.umass.edu

5. previous U.S visa(s), including date of issuance, expiry and


6. Dates & countries of all previous travel abroad.


7. PLease describe your professional and academic bacground. please
attach a complete CV/Resume and a thorough list of publications and
professional/ research references.

please see attached copy of CV as word format.

8. If your spouse is accompanying you, please provide their complete
CV/Resume, including a thorough list of publications and professional/
research references.


9. Please describe your current research /professional projects in
detail, plus any planned subjects of research, study or project in US.
Describe the practical applications of current and planned research or
study. Assume that you are describing your work to a qalified
scientist/professional in your field.

My undergraduate project dealt with Dissertation of "Synthesis of
Styrene-Maleicanhydride copolymer". StyreneMaleicanhydride (SMA) was
synthesised by free radical polymerisation using toulene as the
solvent and benzoylperoxide as the intiator. once the polymer was
obtained it was washed with hot water toremove unreacted
maleicanhydride. then the product was dried and its structure was
elucidated with the help of Infrared Spectroscopy(IR) and Nuclear
Magnetic Resonance(NMR). SMA is used as a compatiblizer in polymer
blends to improve the morphology and mechanical properties.

My masters thesis title is "Modification of high performance
Thermosetting resins using Bismaleimides" My work delat with the
modification of eposy resins to improve its mechanical and thermal
properties. Bismaleimdie has good thermal and mechanical properties
but its very brittle. so when blended with epoxy it imparts its
excellent mechanical and thermal properties to the final product. The
mechanical properties were tested using Universal Tensile testing
Machine (UTM) and thermal properties using Differential Scanning
Calorimetry (DSC), Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA). The morphology is
studied using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM). this product can be
used in civil industries and in adhesives.

I am Interested in pursuing my research in Polymer Chemistry with
emphasise in polymer synthesis and processing at University of
Massachusetts Amherst. I am given six months from sep 2003 by the
university to decide my research advisor and research area. so i will
finalise and decide the specific research area in consultation with my
research advisor.

10. Provide contact information for and subjects of any meetings
scheduled in the US.

11. Your organisation's golas and objectives pertaining to your visit
to the US.


12. Sponsoring Institutions ( US or Indian) funding your travel,
research or education.

I have got full aid from University of Massachusetts, Amherst (35292$)
which covers all tution fees of 17600$ and living expenses of 10800$.

13. Plans after comlpetion of study/ work (i.e. where will you

As i am interested in teaching and academic research i will come back
to india and join an academic Institution like Indian institute of technology, university institure of technology, mumbai and etc. As
India needs more acadamicians in the near future to cater the needs of
education i will have ample oppurtunities once i return back to india
after completing my doctorate degree.

14. Export License number (or if pending - Export License Application


Please guide us