I suppose most of us here are aware of the Tamilnadu Government's decision to scrap the Common Entrance Test(CET) for Professional courses(Medical/Engineering) admissions.

Here are a bunch of articles posted in Geetham so far.

Is there a way, to impartially rank all the applicants without taking the CET into account.

Just a summary of examinations the students undergo (for the people who spent their early 20 years outside India) The common tests the students undergo are a

1. Higher Secondary Examination: Conducted for a score of 1200 (testing on Math, Physics, Chem, Biology/CompSc(as electives), Language, English with 200 points each) by the Tamilnadu State Board and on a score of 500(testing on Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology/CompSc/Sanskrit(as electives), English with 100 points each)

Am not aware of ICSE here, if anyone's aware of it. Please do update.

2. 11th grade exam is conducted by the Tamilnadu State Board alone. I don't know the exact points split up. If anyone could add that, would be helpful.

The above are the only 2 exams that are being conducted after the 10th grade exam where they are tested for Math, Science, Social Science, Language, English for a overall score of 500 with 100 points for each subject. The scoring system is the same for all three educational boards(State, Central and ICSE), although what they are being tested is a lot different.

Except for the 11th grade examination, rest of the testing methods is common to all the other states(for the students who seek admission through other-state quota).

If a student studies Tamil as instructional medium in school, the Math and Science courses including elective would be in Tamil.

Before the entrance was scrapped (after 1997):

The admissions for Professional courses were based on

Math(score scaled to 100)+Physics(score scaled to 50)+Chemistry(score scaled to 50)+Physical Sciences Entrance exam(score scaled to 50, contained multiple choice questions, I guess it was 70-80 not sure of number)+Math Entrance Exam(score scaled to 50, also contained multiple choice, contained more than 50 questions, unsure of exact number), so scored for 300 in total and ranked based on that. This above scoring is for Engineering Entrance, it would be Biology in the place of Math, if it were Medical admissions.

The Entrance exams is conducted in a way similar to Paper Based GRE/TOEFL tests.

When the entrance exam was in place, there were many decimal point differences between the scores of students. so very rarely were there clashes in scores and hence could be ranked smoothly. now the scores for 200 are all multples of 0.25. The result...

No of students 200/200 - 123
{gt} 199.75 - 285
{gt} 199.50 - 456
{gt} 199.25 - 634
{gt} 199.00 - 833
{gt} 198.75 - 1034
{gt} 198.50 - 1265
{gt} 198.25 - 1395
{gt} 198.00 - 1511
{gt} 197.75 - 1566
{gt} 197. 50 - 1603
many with same scores(all this is > 197.5).

For those who are confused how it is a multiple of 0.25. Assume I've got 200 in Math, 199 in Physics and 198 in Chemistry (scores are always whole numbers). so my total for 200 would be 200/2(Math) + 199/4(Physics) + 198/4(Chem)=199.25.

So??? With all the above situations provided. Is there a way to conduct the admission process The answer cannot be a NO, because it is the future of some 30-50 thousand student's life.