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    This is very easy and inexpensive. I've been doing it for a while now, and it's a great way of adding little personal touches to letters, greeting cards, or even photo frames...


    Heavy book
    (eg Gray's Anatomy or even the oxford reference dictionary )

    flower or folliage
    tissue/thin paper handkerchiefs
    newspapers/used photocopier paper


    Open the book in the middle.
    Place sheet of newspaper or used paper on the page of the book.
    Top the newspaper with a single ply sheet of tissue/kleenex.
    Place flower or leaves on the tissue, then top the flower with another singly ply tissue and another sheet of newspaper.
    Gently close the book, making sure that the petals of the flowers are just as you wish them dried.
    Leave the book closed and flat on a shelf for the next 20 odd days.
    Twenty days later open book, look at the flower it may require more drying, if so replace tissue with new ones.

    You may use these flowers to decorate other objects...or you could make a pressed flower and leaves arrangement and exhibit this on its own (frame it for ebtter effect)

    there are many methods of pressing flowers, this is the easiest one I know of. Please feel free to share yours and of course if you can put photos of your arrangements or decoration that woudl be smashing

    thank you.


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    great idea candy i will make and post here........but some day

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    Good one. Thanks for sharing
    - Valluvan

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    The easiest way to press flowers, in my opinion, is to get Khushboo, Ramba or Jayalalitha to sit on them. Man, they'll be as flat as flat can be !
    Over and out.

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    Sidey : I remember a joke,

    A man goes to the driver of the road roller and asks him "Sir, when they 'll start running the road roller"

    Driver asks "Why? Haven't you seen the road roller running?"

    The man says "Nothing sir, (He shows the paste tube which is almost empty) I just wanted to keep the tooth paste tube below the wheels of the road roller, Still some amount of paste is there inside the tube "

    Driver : rrrrrrrrr
    - Valluvan

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    yeah yeah enough talking peeps get pressing

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