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    We have known each other for a long time
    Through ups and downs, triumphs and tribulations
    But you never said a word nor showed me once
    That you had the same feelings like I did
    Unidentified strong emotions

    You love to tease and you make me smile
    Each time I see you, my face blooms so bright
    Bestest buddies seeing each other grow
    To whom we have become in this present time
    Yet true feelings remain hidden

    When together I felt we were mile apart
    But when apart our hearts reached out
    Denial was never to be the solution
    Accepting that friendship is meaningful
    But the question not answered

    Easy-natured and you have a carefree attitude
    Makes me feel comfortable when around you
    Connecting in every conversation we engage in
    Laughing and crying and even a little bit of flirting
    Could be a joke or was it serious

    I have been with others to seek answers
    And you'd share your little cheeky adventures
    Sharing and caring like all friends do best
    But I know there was something extra special in there
    Makes me ponder at times

    I now put forward my proposal to you
    Let's take this wonderful friendship to another level
    My life is complete with you in the picture
    Not just as friends but as companions
    It was hard to say these words before
    But now I can, I love you!

    Hi everyone... yes I'm back with my poems... though I haven't got much to offer for now... I'm looking into getting back into writing as I haven't wrote for about 2 years. The poem above was one of my last (so around 2 years or so ago). I realised I never shared it, so here it is.
    I'M BACK!

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    The Lost Song

    Round and round I keep on going
    Searching for the missing song playing
    That I listened in my heart singing
    Find the play button to keep on continuing

    The lost song I keep looking everywhere
    Might have gone forever and left me bare
    Maybe I tried too hard and never did care
    Can never understand this hidden affair

    One day and perhaps sometime soon
    I will hear that song again in tune
    Never going to give up till I leave upon
    For now goodnight dear old moon
    I'M BACK!

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