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    Quote Originally Posted by Shy View Post
    maadu mathiri iruntha antha play panalaa,
    nama oor pasanga ellam antha game eppadi velaiyaadarathu athana cricket.. physical and also mind game



    Cricket.. mind game?

    Manning.. yeah.. suddenly the lady luck is smiling.. Until next sunday that is. If Bears play defence like they played the whole year....
    We will see.. Who knows, Manning might again be lucky..

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    benthakaloooorlaiye it is not coming live..
    vendha kadalai oorla mattum illa. whichever cable operator did'nt pay for the Nimbus channel, avangalukku ellarukkum varale. I saw the 7 min. delayed version in DD.
    Besides its a while I saw India playing ODIs. The last was the 2003 World cup match against Pakistan.
    I know I know I know I know I know I know I know

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