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    About MIR space station

    To know more about first space station MIR check out this link


    The Russian Mir space station, as seen in March, 1996 by the crew of the space shuttle Atlantis during the STS-76 mission.

    Deorbiting MIR space station


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    For those of you who like me - donot have time to click the link,

    a small recap of what I know about Mir !!

    Mir is not just a spacecraft but a space station which means

    it is enormous and has major docking facilities. It was set on space

    in 1986 and was operating till 2001 when it was de-orbited.

    Most of those 15 years it was manned with more than 4-5

    people at a time. People have stayed in the spacestation for more

    than 1 year at a strech !! (Yes!). Numerous spacewalks have

    been performed by the crew which includes - Afghans, Austrians,

    Kazhagastans, French other than Russians.

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    To know about I.S.S (International Space Station )

    check this link



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    good sites
    I am back.........

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    hi priyarock,Thanks for the links,its useful.

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    Priya rock,
    Nice work.. Vennai --How about short synopsys of ISS?

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