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    Default Attention all Geetham users:

    I would like to remind you that some of you have again started misusing the Private messages.

    I would like to quote the rules posted by Sirgan on behalf of GTEAM,...ham-users.html

    Hi Everyone,

    Lately, We are hearing lot of reports that Private Message is being misused.

    If we intercept more issues like this following actions will be taken without notice:

    1. We will ban the User / IP.

    2. If we notice its a group we will ban the entire Ip Range. One Single person's stupidity could lead to access loss to all in that range.

    3. If it goes out of control, No user will have Private Message Access.

    Pay Attention, If you know your friends are doing it, inform us. We take care of the Rest.

    Geetham is a social chit-chat place, Use it Wisely.

    If you have any problems with a user contact moderator

    If you have any problems with a moderator contact Super moderator

    If you have any problems with a super moderator contact junior admin and send a PM to all mods

    If you have any problems with a junior admin contact Admin and send a PM to all sumos

    Any problems can be solved if it is approached through a proper channel...

    On no account you can threaten or hastle any of our geetham staff or users.

    This will be strictly treated as a violation of forum rules which at the worst condition may lead to banning the user for ever.

    I am sorry to say this but we are working towards making this forum better and better
    I am back.........

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    thank you for this info

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    Red face

    hello every body! any body can arrange Vaioppilly's "Mambazham" poem?
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