Pumpkin halwa:


Grated pumkin – 3 cups
Sugar – 1.5cups
Cardamom – 5 to 6 – powder it
Turmeric or any food color - a pinch
Badham mix – 2 spns
Cashew – 10
Ghee – 4 to 5 spns


Grate pumpkin and cook it in low flame. It is not necessary to add water as it gives off water while grating but still if needed little water can be added.
Cook it nicely until water evaporates and also to get rid of raw smell of pumpkin.
Then add sugar and keep stirring continuously, once sugar gets mixed well with pumpkin and started to get thicker add ghee slowly add keep stirring.
On the other hand, fry cashew.
Add badham mix, cardamom to the pumpkin-sugar mixture and then add the fried cashew.


Milk can also be an added ingredient, so if u like to add milk, boil it separately , make it thicker and then add it in pumpkin-sugar mixture. 1 cup of milk is sufficient.
But I have never added milk, but the halwa came out really well.

Try it out!!!!!!!!!

The same procedure cna be followed for carrot Halwa.